Greg Jennings’ recovery takes a step in the wrong direction


On Tuesday, the Packers had wide receiver Greg Jennings back at practice and coach Mike McCarthy said that the team was expecting him to play on Monday night against the Seahawks.

That outlook might have changed. Jennings isn’t practicing Thursday and McCarthy’s assessment of his condition probably won’t fill any Packers fans with optimism about Jennings’ condition. McCarthy was a guest of Adam Schein and Rich Gannon on Sirius XM NFL radio on Thursday before practice and said that Jennings’ return to practice was something less than a smashing success.

“He worked the other day and it didn’t go as well as we thought. I’m curious to see how he goes today. It’s been up and down,” McCarthy said. “I know he’s frustrated and he doesn’t feel like he has a handle on it yet.”

Jennings sat out the Week Two win over the Bears and the hope was that the extended break between games would allow him to recover enough to rejoin the offense. We don’t know if Jennings had a setback or if this is just soreness that might be expected as part of a return to action, but a poor response to a return to physical activity is a pretty good sign that Jennings is still well south of 100 percent. The extra day before taking the field could wind up making a big difference because it sounds like Jennings is going to need as much time as possible to get healthy.

10 responses to “Greg Jennings’ recovery takes a step in the wrong direction

  1. Without a doubt one of the most underrated member of the Packers offense is Greg Jennings. He went down before the Chiefs game last year and the offense didn’t click nearly as well.
    His presence and ability to occupy DB’s has already been missed this year, and it shows in the offense.
    He is the #2 most important player to the offense after Rodgers.

  2. Not the type of contract year Jennings was hoping for so far. If he’s not close to 100% there’s no point in him being out there. Much more important to have him for the last part of the season. The other receivers need to step it up. Cobb’s the only one who’s done much.

  3. I sure hope he gets better and plays.. Im looking forward to the test the packers are for an up a and coming young and hungry team like Seattle. Would love to beat them with all the pieces for their team in place

  4. Jennings knows hes gone after this season. Rodgers didnt back him up in his contract talks because his own contract is up next… an Rodgers wants that 100 million dollars thats on the table. Jennings is the reason Rodgers will get paid an Rodgers is the reason Jennings will play for some other team

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