LaRon Landry “won’t slow down” after $15,750 fine


Jets safety LaRon Landry was fined $15,750 for a horse-collar tackle on Steelers receiver Antonio Brown on Sunday, but he says the way he plays the game won’t change.

That all comes with my style of play,” Landry told Newsday. “I just got to be more cognizant of where I am on the field and just play a little smarter. But I won’t slow down. When I’m in the game, I’m not thinking about a penalty I’m about to have. I’m just playing a play to win, to do anything to help my team out. All the penalties, all the fines, I’m not really worried about. I’ll worry about that when the game’s over. But throughout the game, I’m just trying to make a play.”

Jets coach Rex Ryan acknowledged being concerned that Landry is developing a reputation as a player the officials should keep an extra close eye on, but he said he believes Landry is a clean hitter.

For his part, Landry says he plans to appeal the fine. It’s hard to see any reason he should win that appeal, as he clearly committed the horse-collar tackle and was correctly penalized.

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  1. Looks like Tarzan plays like Jane. Coverage is non existent and acts like a child when he makes a tackle 15 yards down field.

    Not a good football player.

  2. He is a dirtbag. 90% of his tackles are out of bounds. I dont think a flag was thrown on the horse collar. I know he was flagged for his third late hit. Dont recall a horse collar. Could be wrong though.

  3. I never get why players that get fined have to go into bravado-mode with publicly asserted comments like: “That all comes with my style of play … I won’t slow down … All the penalties, all the fines, I’m not really worried about…”

    The message that sends to the Commish, who is empowered to levy fines, suspensions, etc. – is one of defiance and insubordination of sorts. By virtue thereof, it a message that virtually begs for a STEEP escalation of penalties on the next go-round.

    If the player doesn’t wish to modify his behavior and fines of this magnitude have no effect —> the Commish will escalate the penalties to a much more severe level, up to and including suspension.

    My point is, by voicing how little you give a damn about a fine of $15K+ — is likely hurting your team, your fans, your ownership group and YOU.

    A better approach might be to keep one’s mouth shut and keep moving. And if one does feel the need to say something, a more contrite message of sorts would seem to be less harmful than a defiant tone.

  4. No one is asking you to slow down, eight ball.
    Play by the rules or hopefully someone another team will take you out, jerk

  5. Ahh …so now people are starting to see the real LaRoid that Redskins fans have been complaining about for years. The guy isn’t good at all at this point in his career. He’s a walking penalty flag, blows coverages and takes poor angles on tackles. Other teams know this and constantly attack him on 3rd downs which are converted at a pretty good percentage.

  6. Sean Taylor wannabe minus the speed, agility and talent. His career might have been different had he played next to Taylor for 10 years.

  7. i swear his hit on fred jackson was intentional. Nobody else in the league goes down low on every hit like he does. Its like hes looking to cause harm. i’d hate to play against this guy

  8. Name two players, other then T Owens who was injured by a “horse collar” tackle?
    Cant be done. The “horse collar” tackle rule is silly. If Im chasing a RB whos running down field for a TD and the back is all I can get, then Ill tackle anyway I can. stupid, stupid rule.

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