Here come the Redskins


Down 24-7 in the first half and with only six net passing yards at intermission, the Redskins have roared back.

They got a field goal before the break and now the Redskins have marched 80 yards in nine plays to cut the deficit to seven points.

Alfred Morris capped the nine-yard drive with a seven-yard run.

Robert Griffin III has completed seven of 12 passes for 62 yards, with 30 yards rushing.

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  1. “Robert Griffin III has completed seven of 12 passes for 62 yards, with 30 yards rushing.”

    The QB has less than 100 yards passing in the 3rd quarter. “Here come the Redskins?” Really? All their scores are by defense or special teams.

    Come on.

  2. As a fan of neither the Colts or Skins I can say this –

    Colts lost and Andrew Luck buckled down to work harder and learn.

    Skins won and all RG III could do was whine about dirty players on the other side.

    There’s no way to predict who will have the longer better career based on 2 games, but those 2 statements tell me a lot about both players and Luck comes out the more mature.

  3. The Skins defense is pathetic. Haslett has had three years and it’s time for him to go.

    Why is it that coach Shanahan is as bad at management of timeouts as Jim Zorn was? Does he know that there are only three timeouts per half? I’m thinking that, maybe, in “his system,” he thinks he has more than three.

  4. More like here comes a loss. They might as well throw in Rex Grossman the way their defense is choking.

    If they continue to give up points like this, the Skins have a good chance at finishing last in the NFC East.

  5. All tied up…until their retched defense hits the field, lol

    Getting smoked bengals…the bengals?

    I guess that RG3 statue is going to have to be put on hold? 2 straight unimpressive games. The only reason they stayed inthe game at all is because of the defense the last poster was lamenting. RG3 and the skins offense hasn’t done much all day. If not for a defensive TD, they’d be down 21

    Still a bad team, just now they are a bad team taht doesn’t have a 1st for the next 2 years

  6. “These refs are horrible.”

    Has anyone noticed that the clock always continues to run no matter what happens on the field?

  7. Too bad they never ran off those 10 seconds they said they did. The whole fiasco at the end with 7 seconds left never should have happened.

  8. No judgment either way, but we can we just take a quick survey of PFT planet? Just interested.

    Thumbs up if you want Robert Griffin to succeed in the NFL, thumbs down if you don’t.

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