MJD gives the ball to ref, makes Mularkey give to charity

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The Jaguars won the holdout with running back Maurice Jones-Drew, and they’ve also made him change his celebrations.

Head coach Mike Mularkey has offered to donate $250 to the Ronald McDonald house if players simply hand the ball to an official after a score, and the team has offered to match.

So when Jones-Drew scored his first TD of the season on a 59-yard burst, he didn’t break it down, he took the humble route, and helped a good cause at the same time.

Jones-Drew said he wasn’t sure how he’d react, but Mularkey has obviously gotten to him.

The team’s benefiting from having him back on board as well, as he has 129 yards on 13 carries as the Jags cut the Colts lead to 14-10 in the third.

7 responses to “MJD gives the ball to ref, makes Mularkey give to charity

  1. It was his second TD – he caught one last week against the Texans, though I wouldn’t fault anyone for hoping that all memories of that game were seared from our collective memories.

    He did also actually celebrate the TD against Indy a little near the goalpost before tossing it to the ref.

  2. he did a little celebration of mimicking throwing dice.

    Everyone calling for the banning of TD celebrations need to get in touch with reality. Who is it hurting? Joe Horn calling his mom after scoring. Randy Moss faux mooning packer fans. All it does is intensify rivalries and give further emotion to the game, whether you’re for or against them.

    Everyone that’s calling for the celebrations to come to an end need to go back to worrying if their elbows are on the dinner table and if their hands are at 10 and 2 when driving.

  3. The Jags are matching what Mularkey donates so its $500. He did celebrate so I’m not sure if this one counts or not.

  4. AHEM…excuse me, that would be MJD’s SECOND score of the season…shows you how accuarate the reporting is from this site.

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