Unknown runner stakes Patriots to early lead


The pushing and shoving you could have expected.

But raise your hand if you had Brandon Bolden with the first score in your pool.

OK, we’ll proceed.

The undrafted rookie running back from Ole Miss just plowed in from 2 yards out to give the Patriots a 10-0 lead.

There hasn’t been much of the way of offense, with just one play of more than 12 yards — that being Wes Welker’s 59-yard catch down the sidelines.

The Patriots seem to take pride in getting production from strange and unusual sources, and Bolden was in the game while Stevan Ridley was standing on the sidelines.

24 responses to “Unknown runner stakes Patriots to early lead

  1. These “officials” have got to start calling contact against WR’s/TE’s after 5 yards. It’s absurd in almost every game there are muggings every play. Obvious, right in front of officials muggins. Unless of course the rule is no longer a rule, but that’s not the case.

  2. As much as the ravens are good they should never call another tema dirty. The refs allow Hairbaugh to ge away from a lot.

  3. This is out of hand. They just allowed a measurement when it was 4th and over a yard. Come on! That’s a free time out, especially when it’s a play one team needed time to decide to review. These officials ARE impacting the games.

  4. I don’t even care who people think is getting the worst of it, the officiating in the Pats game is an abomination. It’s almost unwatchable, bordering on a joke. Something’s gotta be done. I’ll bet if the NFL just takes donatons from the fans they could solve it, just in the interest of making these games watchable.

  5. The refs are the headline of the game so far. Terrible job, The Ravens scoring drive required 2 drive extending calls- one on Mayo and the other on the challenged spot (how can you conclusively rule when the cameras were all at obliqued views).

  6. What excuse are all the losers going to use when they can no longer blame the replacement refs for everything that went wrong in the game?

  7. Pats had a first and goal brought back on a phantom hold. Edelman called for pushing off, but not on Smith. Clean play by Mayo on thirs down, called PI. Extra time out and a favorable review. Should be 24-0, probably be 14-13 at the half. If only the refs were just incompetent.

  8. Is Goddel watching this???


    Do you think Goodell really cares?


    Is Goodell even a football fan?
    Sometimes I wonder.

  9. Yes they let a few fights go on too long in the first half, And there was the clear push off from lloyd that helped them get a first . Outside of that the refs tonight are 100x better than the one that called the eagles ravens game

  10. Ugghh the officiating is so bad. The Ravens score to make it 30-28 should NEVER have happened. Flacco was sacked, but a phantom call on Spikes kept the drive going.

    I wonder what it will take for Goodell to recognize how bad the officiating is? Do the refs have to throw a game? Do they have to give a team 5 time outs?

  11. What should have been a great match up, a great game between the 2 teams from last year’s AFC Championship Game, is totally tainted – no matter who manages to win.

    Roger – I raise my hand in salute to you, with all my fingers down except for the middle one.

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