Picking apart the Week Four picks

Every Thursday morning, we post the picks from MDS and yours truly.  Then, on PFT Live, one of us gloats about who won the prior week’s contest and then we argue about the picks on which we disagree for the coming week.

This week, I got to gloat.  But MDS got to break out his Estelle Costanza impression.

Yeah, you’re probably gonna watch it just for that.

Here we are, talking Vikings-Lions, Chargers-Chiefs, Seahawks-Rams, and a bonus game that makes each of us nervous.

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3 responses to “Picking apart the Week Four picks

  1. So, Russell Wilson will be just about to throw a scoring strike and that little, tiny voice, that guilty conscience, will make him pull up at the last second?

    Bruce Irvin about to notch sack number 3 and he’ll think “maybe I should still feel a little guilty?”

    These are young guys who are here to play and win, your logic is completely emotional and you should feel guilty when you have to come up with excuses for the missed pick. Use your brain.

  2. Florio,
    Since you yourself agree that the Packers beat the Seahawks, shouldn’t you be the gentleman and give MDS the game? The score would then be tied, right?

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