Even coming off ACL surgery, Rex wants Revis to be Jet for life


The Jets won’t have Darrelle Revis the rest of the season, but they want to make sure to keep him in seasons to come.

Both coach Rex Ryan and general manager Mike Tannenbaum told Newsday’s Bob Glauber they wanted to keep him well beyond his current contract, which runs through the 2013 season.

Do I assume that Darrelle Revis will retire a Jet? I do,” Ryan said. “That’s something that I believe. Obviously, both sides have got to come together, but from my perspective, I think the Jets want Darrelle here and I think Darrelle wants to be a Jet. That right there is probably the biggest thing in having a guy long-term here.”

Ryan compared it to Ray Lewis staying put in Baltimore, and Tannenbaum said the Jets will do everything they can to keep their All-Pro cornerback.

“Right now, our focus is putting forth the necessary resources to help him make a full recovery,” Tannenbaum said. “It’s always been our hope that Darrelle would be a Jet for life.”

That said, they’re not going to give him a pile of money now. They’re going to wait to see how he recovers from surgery before starting talks on a new deal.

This situation shows why Revis would consider holding out this summer. He’s assumed all the risk, and with his injury, he’s no longer negotiating from the same position of strength he would have otherwise.

The 27-year-old Revis is scheduled to make $3 million in base salary next year, plus a $3 million roster bonus.

While that might be the appropriate amount for a one-legged Revis, it’s not nearly what a healthy Revis is worth. But that’s not an assumption the Jets can make for months, which might complicate a situation that’s been delicate from the start.

7 responses to “Even coming off ACL surgery, Rex wants Revis to be Jet for life

  1. I would say 6 million for next year after not playing this year is more than enough money considering what he was paid when he signed his deal last year. if he wants more every year then sign a 1 year deal. is he going to give the jets any money back since he won’t be playing this year? then why should they pay him any more next year untill they see if he can still play like he did before he was hurt?

  2. he needs to prove again that he is the best in
    the league before the jets give him the contract he wants. he,s already made over
    50million with the jets in his short career.
    he,s already set for life the next contract is the iceing on the cake.

  3. The owner of the Panthers piled big money on injured players and look what that’s gotten him so far this season. Revis will never be as good as he was. That’s just a fact of life with his position and his injury.

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