Chiefs apparently not worried about over-working Jamaal Charles

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It wasn’t that long ago the Chiefs were wondering if Jamaal Charles was going to be back to his old form.

Now, they seem perfectly willing to pound him into the ground.

Charles had 33 runs and six receptions last week against New Orleans, a startling number for a guy a year removed from ACL surgery.

According to Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star, Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel has given no indication he wants to ease up on Charles.

That makes the work load astonishing. The 39 touches were 12 more than his previous career high, five more than anyone else in the league this year, and one that hasn’t been surpassed since 2004.

With Peyton Hillis and Dexter McCluster both hurt, it’s not as if they’re looking to ease up on him, either.

For his part, Charles only said “It doesn’t matter,” when asked about his work load. And Crennel said: “He never came to me to say he needed a break.”

Players probably aren’t going to ask, until it’s too late. It’s the spot where coaches occasionally have to act in something other than their own best interest, and the Chiefs don’t seem interested in that.

9 responses to “Chiefs apparently not worried about over-working Jamaal Charles

  1. Todd Haley is the one who treated him like a fragile vase. Instead of putting the ball in his best player’s hands, Haley would keep giving it to Thomas Jones. Now that Haley is gone, Charles showed what he can do when he gets more than 15 touches in a game.

  2. Crennel is an idiot if he keeps giving him that many carries. 400 touch seasons just destroy running backs, even ones not coming off major surgery.

    Reminds me of Dusty Baker and his 130 pitch counts.

  3. I remember when the chiefs ran Larry Johnson to the ground. He looked like one of the best backs in the leauge mainly because he had over 400 carries. Best of luck to Charles but if your not careful you could end up just like Larry

  4. Larry Johnson was allot bigger than Charles and Johnson broke down.

    If it was as simple as just giving a back allot of carries, everybody would do it.

    There’s a reason they don’t.

  5. Use Charles and win. Simple as that.

    -Signed, Charles fantasy owner

    (PS it’s “a lot” joetoronto. Being an avid Bengal hater here, it’s my pleasure to correct your dumbness)

  6. Buddy, you’re a Bungholes fan. You have much bigger things to worry about than me.

    It’s good to know i’m in your head though.


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