Meriweather set for MRI, Robinson has concussion after pregame collision


The Redskins lost two players in bizarre fashion during pregame warmups for their matchup with the Buccaneers on Sunday when safety Brandon Meriweather and wide receiver Aldrick Robinson collided.

They both picked up injuries that forced them onto the inactive list for the contest and could keep them out for a while longer. Robinson has a concussion and coach Mike Shanahan said that he was unconscious “for about a minute or so” after Meriweather crashed into him. Robinson will now have to go through the league’s concussion protocols in order to get back on the field, so we won’t know much about his status until later in the week.

Meriweather would up hurting the left knee that’s been bothering him since early in the preseason. The knee kept him out of the first three regular season games, but Meriweather had healed enough to play on Sunday before he ran into Robinson. Now he’s sore and headed for an MRI to see if there was any further damage sustained in an incident that was a new one for the experienced Shanahan.

“I’ve never had that in my coaching career, to have two guys go out in pregame,” Shanahan said, via Mark Maske of the Washington Post. “Luckily it was more than the hour and a half before you put in the 46 players.”

With the 4-0 Falcons coming to town in Week Five, the Redskins would love to have both players healthy enough to be in the lineup. If they are, it’s a good bet that they’ll be kept on opposite ends of the field while warming up.

12 responses to “Meriweather set for MRI, Robinson has concussion after pregame collision

  1. This incident falls on Aldrick. Gotta be attentive at alltimes. Now I’m glad Sonny told Robert to take those headphones off. Our defense will be lifted when Brandon finally steps in. Can’t wait.

  2. You can’t dream this stuff up. Meriweather is no savior but the skins need something back there. Otherwise we watch Daughty chase rivals recievers into the endzone all day

  3. Meriweather is useless anyways. No big loss for you guys.

    So you’re saying you would rather have Reed Doughty? We need him back desperately – even if he is just a marginal upgrade.

  4. The skins are in fire. As long as Rg3 is healthy there’s no such thing as a favorite. Kerrigan will steal Ryan’s soul come Sunday and if the falcons are lucky, rg3 may sign some autographs for them after the game. The east had officially been flipped!!!

  5. too bad robinson didn’t play for the texans, otherwise he would have been cleared to play yesterday.

    on the other hand, if he played for the eagles they would have rushed him to the hospital that is inside their trainer’s room

  6. As a Patriot’s fan, I’ve had to watch Merriweather take out his own guys during games for years. Apparently he’s decided not to wait until kick-off to start bringin’ the pain. Thats progress…..

  7. The video of this “accident” was the funniest I have seen in a long time. Definitely a “wtf was that” moment?

    I remember hearing about Merriweather doing this all the time, so it’s not out of the ordinary.

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