Brandon Jacobs declares himself ready to go


The 49ers haven’t seen any return on their investment in running back Brandon Jacobs through the first four weeks of the regular season, but the voluble former Giant says that is about to end.

Jacobs, who has been battling a knee injury since preseason, was able to return to practice on a limited basis while the team was in Youngstown, Ohio last week and told Alex Espinoza of the team’s website that he’s feeling the best he’s felt all season.

“I’m ready to play. It’s nothing now, it’s all gone now,” Jacobs said. “There’s a little kinks I’ve got to run out but I feel good. I feel good about my explosiveness, I’ve got fresh legs.”

If Jacobs is able to come back at full speed, it will just be a case of the rich getting richer for the Niners. They are coming off a game that saw them rush for 245 yards, which may be an outlier but it the Niners have shown the ability to run the ball against opponents who aren’t the Jets as well.

Jacobs was playing a short yardage role for the team in preseason, something he didn’t always do all that well with the Giants, but that would appear to be his route back into the offensive mix once the team agrees that he’s ready to play.

18 responses to “Brandon Jacobs declares himself ready to go

  1. Twinkle toes returns. The biggest RB in history, the easiest to tackle. They should get the ball to LaMichael James and see a real man run.

  2. Peytonsneck18,

    49ers are the worst team to have for Fantasy Football except for having their Defense or David Akers.

    The way Harbaugh uses his offense is way different than any other team. There is no 1 man, he utilizes everyone. Hell, he will even give the ball to a defensive player if he feels like it.

  3. Im sure opposing defenses will not be happy to take on Jacobs & his fresh legs after having Gore/Hunter & the offensive line have already been pounding them all game.

  4. @jintzforeever – ask one Mr. Charles Woodson if Jacobs was easy to tackle on the first play of the 07′ NFCCG? His back print is still permanently emblazoned on the fabled tundra to this day.

  5. 49ers are the worst team to have for Fantasy Football except for having their Defense or David Akers

    Gore isnt bad, theres alot worse RB’s out there, cj2k amongst others

  6. Another weapon….excellent!… lol

    Jacobs should add a bruiser element that the 9ers lose when Gore needs a breather.

  7. The 49ers have declared that the bench is ready for him to keep it warm

    Seriously, this team is having a good season and looks like a contender. I wouldnt ruin the locker room by having this guy complaining about play calling and carries

  8. The question for the niners isnt how better can there run game get. Its more can they improve in there passing game with alex smith. After a career year for smith last season im waiting to see if he can take a couple steps forward from last year. If so the niners will be a tough team to beat in the playoffs.

  9. I was so upset that he could not play against the New York Jets this past Sunday. I really wanted him to have the “Fat Boy sequel” again.

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