Patrick Willis garners NFC defensive player of the week honor

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The San Francisco 49ers dominated the lifeless, reeling New York Jets by a score of 34-0 in Week Four, and for his efforts in the game, Niners linebacker Patrick Willis earned NFC defensive player of the week honors.

Willis racked up ten tackles against the Jets, two pass breakups, and an interception of quarterback Mark Sanchez.

On the season, Willis has 35 tackles, 20 of the solo variety.

Willis will look to pick up where he left off in Week Five against the Buffalo Bills. The Bills will be without two starting offensive linemen, creating a potential mismatch against San Francisco’s dominant defensive front seven.

16 responses to “Patrick Willis garners NFC defensive player of the week honor

  1. #NFCWEST is representing. Cards fan all day, but good to see the West brethren getting after it. Big showdown coming up in a few weeks! #Birdgang

  2. Niner fan here, great win @ NY this weekend…

    Got another toss up this weekend against the Bills. They’re tough to figure out because they can produce some big numbers on the offensive side of the ball, and their DL is loaded with talent. If they put up a first half on us they way they did with the pats – we’re not really capable of coming back from a deficit. A far cry from Tom Brady under center, so the last thing i want is to sleepwalk into that game like we did against the Vikings. We still have trouble against tight ends and haven’t proven that we can stop the swing passes. I am glad this one’s back home and am confident that we’ll show up to play, but can’t look past anyone in this league.

    Congrats Willis!

  3. So the bills don’t have their 2 startling o linemen? Aldon smith, Justin smith and Amad brooks just started salivating. On paper this is how the game should play out…bills will run but won’t get much action so they become one dimensional and niners pass rush will cause Ryan to feel uncomfortable which create turnovers. The only person I see scoring is Scott chandler the tight end because niners given up a td to tight ends through the first 3 games. Also spiller and Jackson might score if its a receiving play. I don’t see a blowout but the niners win this at home…

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