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Chiefs threatening all-time NFL turnover records

Matt Cassel AP

The Chiefs haven’t just been bad in the turnover department this season. They’ve been historically bad.

With 15 turnovers so far this season — eight lost fumbles and seven interceptions — Kansas City is on pace to turn the ball over 60 times. That’s close to the all-time NFL record of 63 turnovers in a season, set by the 1978 San Francisco 49ers. And with a turnover differential of minus-13, the Chiefs are on pace to finish at minus-52. That would blow away the all-time NFL record of minus-30, set by the 1965 Pittsburgh Steelers.

Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel acknowledged that his team has a problem.

We cannot turn the ball over, so we’re going to concentrate on the importance of the football and hanging onto it,” Crennel said this week. “One thing we do is work on it more, so all week we’re going to put more emphasis on hanging onto the football.”

It’s probably unlikely that the Chiefs will continue having all these turnover problems: Losing and recovering fumbles tends to be as much about luck as anything else, and a team that’s been extremely unlucky for four games probably won’t continue to be extremely unlucky for 12 more games. But Crennel is right that this is something the Chiefs have to get better at. Benching Matt Cassel, who has already thrown seven interceptions and lost three fumbles, may be a step in that direction.

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A.J. Smith announces his retirement

A.J. Smith Pic Getty Images

When A.J. Smith announced that he wouldn’t be back for a third season as a consultant in the Redskins front office, he said he and his family were going to discuss what was next after three decades in the NFL.

Smith announced the result of those discussions is his retirement.

“We had a family discussion and an actual voting process. It was unanimous!” Smith wrote in an e-mail, via Kevin Acee of U-T San Diego. “… We have experienced incredible highs and lows in our 38-year ride. At the age of 66, it’s time for me to enjoy my family and friends more than ever before. I will now get going on my long-awaited bucket list.”

Smith joined the Redskins after his 10-year run as the General Manager of the Chargers came to an end. Smith’s teams went to the playoffs in five of his first seven years in the job, but only advanced as far as the conference title game once before three years out of the postseason brought his time in San Diego to an end. The Chargers won 95 regular season games and three times in the playoffs while Smith was in charge.

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Rex’s Bills need a quarterback, and Sanchez and Vick are available

sanchezvick AP

When Josh McCown became available as a free agent, the first team to be linked to him was Buffalo, where the Bills are in need of a veteran quarterback. When McCown spurned the Bills and signed with the Browns, that left a hole that the Bills will need to fill elsewhere.

Buffalo traded away this year’s first-round draft pick to move up and draft Sammy Watkins last year, so we can forget about the Bills finding a starting quarterback in the draft. Which means the Bills — whose only quarterback under contract is EJ Manuel — will have to sign a veteran free agent quarterback.

And that raises a question: Will coach Rex Ryan bring in one of his old quarterbacks with the Jets, Mark Sanchez or Michael Vick? Both Vick and Sanchez become free agents next week, and the Buffalo News names them among the quarterbacks the Bills could sign.

The problem with that line of thinking, of course, is that neither Sanchez nor Vick played very well for Ryan. Sanchez was sent packing by the Jets after failing to improve over four seasons as their starter, while Vick had a passer rating of 68.3, lowest since his rookie year, last season.

But there may not be any other options for the Bills. There simply isn’t a sure-thing starting quarterback available in free agency this year. The best the Bills can hope for is that there’s someone who might be able to beat out Manuel in a training camp competition. Sanchez or Vick could be that someone.

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Justin Forsett: I don’t want to be a one-hit wonder

Divisional Playoffs - Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots Getty Images

After six years of bouncing around the league as a backup running back, Justin Forsett made the most of his extended shot in the top job for the Ravens in 2014.

Forsett ran for 1,266 yards, caught 44 passes and scored eight touchdowns as Baltimore advanced to the divisional round of the playoffs. He did all that on a one-year, $730,000 contract that will leave him as a free agent in a little more than a week if he doesn’t re-sign with the Ravens.

Staying put is Forsett’s top choice and he’s “praying that everything works out” with the Ravens. Wherever Forsett winds up, though, he plans more of the same in 2015.

“I want to build upon it,” Forsett said, via the Baltimore Sun. “I want to be great. I didn’t come in this league to be a one-year wonder. Every time I got an opportunity I was able to seize it and I want to continue to do that.”

There’s a fairly deep group of free agent running backs that will be joined by a fairly deep group of backs in the draft, something that won’t help Forsett’s chances of getting out of the “friend zone” of short-term commitments from teams. The six years of toil before breaking out in a running back-friendly offense could also be a deterrent since Forsett won’t be able to prove he’s more than a one-year wonder until he’s already signed a deal.

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Jeremy Maclin on return to Eagles: If it’s supposed to happen, it will happen

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Getty Images

Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin is coming up on the point when he’s going to have to make some big decisions about his future, but he didn’t sound like a man feeling too pressured by that predicament on Saturday.

Maclin said he felt “no rush” to get things settled because it is more important to get the right deal than to get something done quickly and he left no uncertainty about where he wants to sign that right deal. Maclin knows other teams will be looking for receivers, but is clear about his desire to remain with the Eagles and his no-stress approach to his impending free agency means that he’s not pushing too hard in the final days before free agency starts.

“I’ve always said I want to be here in Philadelphia, but I’ve also always said I understand it’s a business,” Maclin said, via the Philadelphia Daily News. “Both sides have made it known that we both want each other back, so the rest of it is in God’s hands. If it’s supposed to happen, it’ll happen. I want to be here.”

There’s not much sense out of Philly that the franchise tag is in play for Maclin, who signed a one-year deal with the Eagles around this time last year. Maclin was coming off an ACL tear then and proved he was healthy with a strong 2014 season that will leave him in demand around the league if things don’t work out in Philly. That may account for his unruffled exterior at this point in the process.

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Competition Committee considers dumping inactive lists for Thursday games


NFL executive V.P. of football operations Troy Vincent said Saturday that the Competition Committee considered the proper handling of rosters for Thursday games.

Per a league source, the possible solution is the removal of the inactive list for Thursday Night Football.  If that happens, teams would dress all 53 players on Thursday night games, with no players on the inactive list.

It doesn’t mean that all 53 players would dress for every team in each Thursday night game; players too injured to play but not so injured to be on injured reserve won’t dress.

Presumably, this approach would apply to all Thursday games, including the trio of games played on the fourth Thursday in November.

It’s unclear whether the Competition Committee will recommend elimination of the inactive list for Thursday days.  Ultimately, the owners must vote on any changes to game-day rosters, with at least 24 of them agreeing.

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Jonas Gray determined to avoid inactive list in future

New England Patriots Vs. New York Jets At MetLife Stadium Getty Images

Patriots running back Jonas Gray experienced highs, lows and everything in between during the 2014 season.

Gray started the year on the practice squad, but was bumped to the active roster in October and became an overnight sensation by running for 201 yards and four touchdowns in a November victory over the Colts. Gray was late for practice one day the next week, which led to him being benched for the next game and the arrival of LeGarrette Blount meant he’d run the ball just 20 more times in the regular season.

Gray still led the Patriots in rushing yards for the year, but was inactive for both their playoff opener and the Super Bowl to make for a somewhat bittersweet ending to what had once looked like a breakout season. Gray told the Boston Herald that he’s determined to make sure that he doesn’t have to stand and watch from the sideline again in the future.

“The tough part for me was to watch it, and not participate in a matter I thought I should, and not be able to help change the outcome of the game; being helpful. But it’s motivation going into the offseason. I just know I need to work harder, so I’ll never get myself in that position again,” Gray said. “When people ask me about the offseason, I tell them, I’m going to have a Jerry Rice/Walter Payton mentality where whatever you do isn’t enough,” he said. “I’m going to have a work ethic where I know, in my heart of hearts, I’m going to outwork everybody. That’s what I hope to achieve.”

Shane Vereen and Stevan Ridley are set to become unrestricted free agents, so there’s likely to be some changes to the makeup of the Patriots backfield. With Blount due back, though, Gray will have to prove he’s the better option for the weeks when the game plan calls for a lot of running.

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Dan Quinn: Hopefully Sean Weatherspoon will be “big part” of our defense

Sean Weatherspoon AP

Injuries have limited linebacker Sean Weatherspoon to seven games in the last two seasons, but that didn’t stop General Manager Thomas Dimitroff  from calling him “an important part” of the Falcons earlier this month.

Dimitroff’s comments came just after Dan Quinn had officially become the team’s head coach and the intervening weeks don’t seem to have created a difference of opinion in the organization about Weatherspoon’s future. The former first-round pick is set to become a free agent on March 10, but Quinn gave a similar answer to Dimitroff when it came to how he’d like to see things play out.

“With him, it’s that toughness and the speed that he can play with so, yes, definitely someone that we’re talking to,” Quinn said, via Vaughn McClure of “I know he’s got that kind of attitude. And you know me, just from watching our style of defense, it’s fast and physical. And that’s what Sean is. So, we’re certainly hoping that he can be a big part of it moving forward.”

Quinn admitted to some concern about Weatherspoon’s injury history, but called it a “string of bad luck” and said that the team is “excited to find out” if Weatherspoon is capable of playing at the same level he was at before his injuries. That uncertainty should keep Weatherspoon’s price on the reasonable side, which is good for a Falcons team with plenty of work to do to get their defense where it needs to be.

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Lions shouldn’t tag Suh

Suh Getty Images

With the list of franchise-tagged players due to be finalized on Monday, one name never should be on it:  Ndamukong Suh.

During Friday’s (maybe Thursday’s, probably Friday’s) PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, I harped repeatedly (to the undoubted delight of the audience) on the potential consequences of investing $26.8 million for one more year of service from Suh.

The biggest problem is that it would guarantee only one more year of service from Suh.  At $26.8 million for 2015, the only way to keep Suh off the market in 2016 would be to pay him 20 percent more than $26.8 million.  That’s $32.16 million.

Our friend Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press argues that the Lions nevertheless should tag Suh and then try to sign him to a long-term deal.  However, guaranteeing Suh $26.8 million for 2015 and setting him up for $32.16 million in 2016 makes the logical starting point for any negotiation on a long-term deal $58.96 million fully guaranteed for the first two years.

That’s the problem with using the tag; the amount of the tag in the current year and the expected amount of the tag in the next year becomes the starting point for a long-term deal.

So if the Lions are going to keep Suh, they need to rule out the franchise tag and put together an offer that will match or exceed the package that the Raiders or Jaguars or some other team looking to make a franchise-transforming cannonball into the free-agency pool will put together.  While it won’t be cheap to win the Suh sweepstakes on the open market, it won’t nearly be as costly as a long-term contract with $26.8 million as the starting point.

That’s why the Lions should have made it clear from the moment the two sides decided to table negotiations until after the season that there’s no way the franchise tag was ever being used.

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Competition Committee explores banning chop block

Blocking Getty Images

For years, pro football has allowed cut blocking.  One type of cut blocking is chop blocking.  And chop blocking now may be going the way of the dodo bird, Ray Rice, and the “how many fingers?” concussion test.

At their Saturday meeting in Naples, Florida, the NFL’s Competition Committee discussed getting rid of the chop block completely.

“The chop block has been banned from both the high school and college game,” NFL executive V.P. of football operations Troy Vincent recently wrote.  “We have a generation of players coming to the NFL who never used the chop block, yet they may be expected to initiate this technique that could result in a career-ending injury.  We strongly need to consider removing this technique from the game.”

A chop block occurs when two offensive players attempt to impede a defensive player with a high-low technique.  One hits the defender above the waist, while the other strikes him in the thigh or lower.

The first reaction by some (like me) may be, “Wait, I thought the chop block already was banned?”  It most situations, it is. Rule 12, Section 2, Article 3 identifies three specific circumstances where the chop block is permitted, in running plays only.

First, two players initially aligned next to each other on the line of scrimmage may do it.  Second, two players not initially aligned next to each other may do it if the flow of the play is toward the block.  Third, two players may do it if one player was initially aligned in the backfield and hits the defender low while another player is blocking the defender high, as long as the action occurs outside the area initially occupied by the tight end on either side of the line.

Cut blocks (i.e., blocks at the thigh or below) have received plenty of criticism in recent years for the risk of knee and other leg injuries they create.  At a time when the NFL has obsessed over protecting certain offensive players from potential head injuries, defensive players rightfully have complained that the NFL has no regard for their below-the-waist safety.  Eliminating the chop block completely would confirm that the NFL has decided to take the issue seriously absent the same political pressure, liability, and/or threat to the future supply of football players that concussions present.

Some would say the cut block should be completely eliminated from the game.  That viewpoint overlooks the reason for its addition to football in the first place.  With football players coming in all shapes and sizes based on their vastly different roles and responsibilities, a small player typically can only impede a much larger player by taking him out at the legs.

If the NFL takes out that maneuver entirely, the league may see the current balance between offense and defense slide away from the current preference for the gaining of yards and the scoring of points.  To anyone who nevertheless wants to see that happen, maybe the fair tradeoff would be to eliminate the tackling of a ball carrier by diving at his knees.

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Sunday morning one-liners

Darrelle Revis AP

Perusing quarterback candidates for the Bills to add this offseason.

Wayne Diesel has been named sports performance director for the Dolphins and Dennis Lock was promoted to director of analytics.

What will the Patriots do regarding CB Darrelle Revis?

Don’t expect QB Michael Vick to be back with the Jets.

A couple of tight end possibilities for the Ravens to consider.

Are the Bengals planning more cuts for cap purposes?

The Browns’ winning bid for QB Josh McCown shows how shallow the pool of available quarterbacks is this offseason.

The Steelers have been able to consistently find receivers to plug into the offense.

Have we seen the best that Texans DE J.J. Watt has to offer or can he still improve?

Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star thinks it is unlikely that the Colts trade for RB Adrian Peterson.

The Jaguars believe they need to generate more pressure to generate more turnovers.

Nashville wants better communication with the Titans on issues having to do with LP Field.

On Demaryius Thomas and other wide receiver-related free agency topics for the Broncos.

Former Chiefs CB Gary Green will be enshrined in the team’s Hall of Fame this year.

The playbook that then-Raiders coach Jon Gruden used for a 1998 minicamp is available for viewing.

Forecasting Chargers WR Seyi Ajirotutu’s chances of re-signing with the team.

The Cowboys could shop for another backup quarterback.

Does the No. 9 pick give the Giants leverage in contract talks with DE Jason Pierre-Paul?

Todd Herremans said farewell to Eagles fans after his release from the team.

One of DL Ricky Jean Francois’s first tasks after signing with the Redskins was learning what “HTTR” means.

There are plenty of free agent prospects for the Bears to look at this month.

The Lions like the growth they saw from CB Darius Slay in 2014.

There’s not much reason for the Packers to let OL Don Barclay go as a restricted free agent.

What’s next at left guard for the Vikings?

QB T.J. Yates is likely to remain with the Falcons.

Will the Panthers have room for DT Colin Cole in 2015?

A position-by-position look at what the offseason could bring for the Saints.

QB Vinny Testaverde looks back at the last time the Buccaneers had the first overall pick.

UCLA QB Brett Hundley is from Arizona and would love to play for the Cardinals.

G Justin Blalock could be a player under consideration by the Rams.

A look at what WR Stevie Johnson’s exit would mean for the 49ers’ offseason plans.

Sorting through offensive line needs for the Seahawks.

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Stephen Jones: DeMarco Murray talks are slow, he’ll test the market

DeMarco Murray AP

If DeMarco Murray signs a new contract with the Cowboys this offseason, it will only be after testing the free agent market.

That’s the word from Cowboys Vice President Stephen Jones, who said the Cowboys’ talks with the agents for the free agent running back have been “slow.”

“[Murray] is probably going to, you know, get some peace and see what’s out in the market and then we’ll talk and see. I do believe deep down he’d love to stay in Dallas,” Jones told FOX Sports.

Murray may want to stay in Dallas, and the Cowboys may want to keep him, but that doesn’t mean the two sides are going to come to an agreement. The Cowboys won’t have a lot of salary cap space after franchising Dez Bryant, and Murray may find that some other team is going to give him more money than the Cowboys are offering.

“We’d love to keep him in Dallas; just see how things play out,” Jones said.

It things do play out to keep Murray in Dallas, it will only be after Murray sees how much he can make elsewhere.

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Ex-Raider Kaluka Maiava serving 15 days in jail for assault

maiava AP

Kaluka Maiava, a free agent linebacker who started two games for the Raiders last season, is currently in jail in Hawaii for assault.

Maiava turned himself in Monday afternoon to the Maui Community Correctional Center to begin serving a 15-day jail term, according to the Associated Press. Maiava pleaded no contest to assault charges stemming from a 2013 incident at a Maui bar.

The Raiders cut Maiava in November and he is currently a free agent. Maiava’s attorney, Ben Lowenthal, asked the judge not to impose a sentence that would make it difficult for Maiava to sign with another NFL team.

“This conviction will have an adverse effect on his ability to join another team and continue playing professionally — despite being in good condition and healthy to play,” Lowenthal said. “A conviction should not be the final factor that leads to an early end to a professional football career.”

The judge, however, said Maiava should not get special treatment “because he is an NFL player, makes a lot of money, has a lot of friends.”

Maiava, who is the nephew of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, was a fourth-round draft pick of the Browns in 2009.

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Reports: Dez Bryant set to receive franchise tag

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Getty Images

The Cowboys are reportedly ready to give their top wide receiver the franchise tag.

Dez Bryant is likely to be designated the Cowboys’ franchise player on Monday, club COO Stephen Jones said Saturday, according to Mark Lane of Fox Sports Southwest.

“I still think that it’s probably, you know, would be a stretch to think that we would have something done by Monday and beat the franchise-tag deadline,” Jones told Fox Sports Southwest, indicating the club was “eyeing” giving Bryant the tag.

Also, ESPN Dallas’s Todd Archer reported Jones had said the club had informed Bryant’s agent the tag was coming.

The top offensive player in PFT’s Free Agent Hot 100, the 26-year-old Bryant hauled in 88 passes for 1,320 yards and 16 touchdowns last season. He has exceeded 1,200 receiving yards and caught at least a dozen touchdowns in each of the last three seasons for Dallas, which captured the NFC East in 2014.

The deadline for clubs to use the franchise tag is Monday.

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PFT’s Free Agent Hot 100 has five new names

St Louis Rams v Arizona Cardinals Getty Images

With numerous veterans hitting the market in recent days, PFT’s Free Agent Hot 100 has gotten an update.

For now, we’ve added five players to our list of the top free agents, including ex-Lions tailback Reggie Bush and ex-Rams defensive tackle Kendall Langford.

The still-swift Bush could appeal to clubs looking to add depth at tailback, but Langford could be a name to watch, too. Langford (6-6, 313) has never missed an NFL game, and he turned 29 in January. As released free agents go, he has a good number of attributes working for him.

For those wanting to keep track of all of the veteran cuts as free agency nears, check out PFT’s Veteran Cuts Tracker, which we will update as more names hit the market. Both the tracker and free agent rankings are right on PFT’s home page, and you will want to bookmark all of these for ease-of-use as the offseason drama ramps up.

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Competition Committee explores improving London games

The clock face of Big Ben reads 20:12 at Getty Images

Before NFL owners can decide on which rules to change (or not to change) for 2015, the balls must be teed up by the Competition Committee.  While not binding in any way on the folks who sign the checks, the Competition Committee’s recommendations typically carry plenty of weight when the time comes to determine whether 24 of 32 owners will alter one or more rules.

The Competition Committee met on Saturday in Naples, Florida.  According to NFL executive V.P. of football operations Troy Vincent, the session included potential improvements to the games played in London.

Vincent didn’t identify specific potential possibilities for making the game better.  As the annual series has grown from one game per year to three, the NFL has begun kicking off earlier, with games becoming Sunday morning nationally-televised events.  There also has been talk of possibly eliminating the automatic bye week following all London games, with the goal of assessing one of the potential consequences of moving a team to London and requiring visiting teams to play without a bye on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

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