Robert Meachem gets first TD as a Charger in old home


Robert Meachem caught 23 touchdown passes in four years with the Saints.

And though his first four games as a Charger were frustrating, he’s on the board with his 24th now.

The Chargers jumped out to a 7-0 lead over the Saints, when Meachem caught a  15-yard touchdown pass from Philip Rivers. He had just six catches for 92 yards in his first month with the Chargers, after signing a four-year, $25.9 million contract this offseason.

The touchdown was immediately followed by an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Malcom Jenkins for swatting the ball out of his hands after the score, showing the worst of the Saints so far.

They’re going to have trouble stopping Rivers if this is the kind of start he’s off to.

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  1. Robert Meachem no hard feeling the New Orleans Saints still love once a WHODAT always a WHODAT even if you do play with the Chargers you still part of the WHODAT. The Saints had to come out playing ball they are who are winners know matter what the loses look like the Saints are a team you just can’t count out. They can beat the best if they believe in themselves and don’t lose their confidence in one another.

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