Another loss for Cards: Ryan Williams for the season

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It seems like a long time ago when the Cardinals were undefeated and feeling good.

After their first loss last Thursday, an ugly one, the bad news keeps coming.

Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt said Monday that running back Ryan Williams needed shoulder surgery, and would miss the rest of the season (via Darren Urban of the team’s official website).

Williams missed last year with a torn patella tendon, and it’s been a long time since he’s been well enough to produce.

That’s horrible news for a Cards team that needs a run element, and won’t have Beanie Wells until at least Week 12. They have an odd lot of guys with concussions and returners behind Williams on the depth chart, and will likely need to look outside the building for an answer.

Without a run game that has to be respected, opponents can pin their ears back and pass rush either Kevin Kolb or whomever’s left standing, and that’s something an already leaky line doesn’t need.

27 responses to “Another loss for Cards: Ryan Williams for the season

  1. I think Kevin Kolb just fell down and suffered another concussion? how about trading Floyd he has been a big disappointment.

  2. Trade Floyd? A rookie who still has by all accounts, a very high upside… Thank god you’re no GM dude…

  3. Their run game wasn’t generating a whole lot, but not a whole lot is much better than nothing at all. This will be a big blow especially to Kolb and his confidence. Poor guy was lucky to even live through the past 2 weeks as it was

  4. I hear Larry Johnson needs a job. Didn’t they draft Floyd because Fitzgerald wanted him? That and they obviously already have a franchise QB to throw it to him.

  5. I’d look at a trade if I’m the Cards GM. Blount out of Tampa Bay, maybe Chris Ivory out of New Orleans. To sign a guy off the street would be a travesty for the upstart 4-1 Cards.

    The front office has to go for it. Dont whiff on this like you did that OLine over the offseason.


  6. RG3 was right to call these Rams dirty. Bountygate continues.
    I’m guessing you’re just blabbering since the Williams injury occurred on a routine 100% clean tackle. You probably didn’t even watch the game, but if you’re whining about the pounding Kolb took maybe the first step would be for the Cards offensive linemen to actually block someone. Massie’s best technique was to grab jersey and hold on for as long as possible.

  7. Cards will use William Powell..yes fantasy geeks, you will pick him up after he goes for 80 yards and a td vs the Jills on Sunday. Plus the Catds will use a 5 WR set and more quick passes to Floyd.

  8. winkeroni says:
    Oct 8, 2012 4:00 PM
    RG3 was right to call these Rams dirty. Bountygate continues.


    Imagine the audacity of the Rams defenders to tackle a RB.


  9. I say lets deal with what we have because we have plenty of backs its not like we have to get tons of yard running.. because we havent been doing so far just some one who is capable of breaking one to keep def on there toes.. and go for jackson at end of year rams are giving him an out and hes more dependable then wells..

  10. I say lets get Ray Lewis ( Mr Ray Lewis ) from the ravens come and give motivational speech before game time to cardinals O line .. Have Mr Bidwell Flip the bill for private jet to pick Ray up and bring him to the Birds Nest and get these offensive line guys fired up ….

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