Redskins pick Kai Forbath from their kicker tryout


The Redskins were quick to jump on Billy Cundiff when he became available, and  they’re nearly as fast to move on.

According to Aaron Wilson of, the Redskins are going to sign Kai Forbath today to replace Cundiff.

The Redskins also worked out Olindo Mare and Josh Brown, after losing confidence in Cundiff following a string of misses.

Known for his strong leg, Forbath has done stints with the Cowboys and Buccaneers.

14 responses to “Redskins pick Kai Forbath from their kicker tryout

  1. I’m telling you right now… This guy is good… He nailed several 50 yarders in preseason – did’nt miss a single kick and punted for a 45 + yard average… Very nice upgrade over silly Billy.

  2. Why aren’t they looking at John Kasay? I don’t care if he’s 42, he’s reliable and still has good bit of leg in him(he hit a 48 yarder in the playoffs last year against the Niners).

  3. If the “Law of the Ex-Redskins” holds true, Billy Cundiff will go on to be a clutch kicker for another team. Hope he gets it together and gets another shot somewhere else.

    In other news, DC area hospitals are predicting that a smaller number of heart attack patients will be admitted this weekend as the result of reduced fan stress during Redskins field goal attempts …

  4. This kid was great for us in preseason. Probably could have beaten out a lot of kickers around the league, unfortunately for him Connor Barth is on a pretty crazy streak right now. He should definitely be an upgrade over Cundiff though.

  5. Never should have dumped Gano. Classless. And stupid.

    He actually might have hit that ridiculous 62 yarder Shanny trotted Cundiff out for against St Louis.

    Again Shannys ego is wrecking things. The man cannot admit when he is wrong.

  6. Surprised Shanny went with basically a rookie.

    Cundiff had to go though. He was about to replace Rod Gardner as the new “50/50” in the Skins fan dictionary.

    Every single Skins game has been in doubt pretty much right down to the final play, so they can’t afford the kind of atrocious kicking they’ve gotten.

    Hope this kid is ready for what’s about to happen to him.

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