After huge day, Greene says he isn’t thinking about his contract


This season, Jets running back Shonn Greene had 217 rushing yards through five games combined.  On Sunday against the Colts, Greene churned up 161 yards on 32 carries, including three touchdowns.

It’s not a bad way to grab attention in his contract year, but Greene said after the game he isn’t thinking about his contract.  Asked whether he’s hoping to get a new deal from the Jets, Greene told PFT, “I’m hoping to get a lot of wins this season.”

Greene also said he didn’t know that the game plan specifically called for so many carries for him, in part because the game plan always calls for a bunch of carries if the running game is working.

And it was working on Sunday.

“I knew it would be a big day when I saw the O-line getting push,” Greene said.

Greene added that the 35-9 win gives the Jets a lot of confidence, even though the locker room hadn’t been paying attention to the criticism and speculation from outside the organization.  Greene added that he appreciated the vote of confidence he received this week from coach Rex Ryan.

Moving forward, Greene said the Jets will “enjoy it for a little bit” and then get ready for the Patriots.

They’ll need to get ready.  The winner of the game will be in first place in the AFC East.

14 responses to “After huge day, Greene says he isn’t thinking about his contract

  1. Wow!!
    The Jets are really screwing with Skippy Bayless over there at ESPN, the Official Headquarters of the Tim Tebow Fan Club…
    Can’t imagine Mr. Irrelevant lobbying for Tebow next week, not with the Patriots next up. Tebow’s track record against New England is worse than mine…

  2. Typical media trying to create a story. I remember a few years back when Brian Griese had a couple good games for the Bears (really, he did) and the media started making his contract an issue.

  3. “Wait till Miami gets a hold of him.”

    Where do you people come from? You just kinda… say stuff? Like Mitt Romney?

  4. He has one big day and you make a stink about him? He has like a 2.3 yd per carry avg. As far as RB’s go, he’s hot garbage.

  5. Shone Green, Is a mediocre running back, for the majority of his carreer , so in all reality the jets should just cut him loose at the end of this season . Running backs are a dim a dozen, please Sexy just draft a few (running backs ) this guy has one good game every few years we can do better .

  6. Shone Green is not a mediocre running back! If you go back two seasons ago he was a running back on the rise. Last seasons the NY Jets signed Palxico Burress, Derrick Mason and they had Santonio Holmes. Lets not mention that they had Dustin Keller. The NY Jets changed the teams philosophy. They went from a ground and pound to a high flying pass offense. Guess what that did not happen. Sanchez was exposed as a third year quarterback, the wide receivers all got fed up with Sanchez and the running game suffered. If you go back and take a look you will see that the NY Jets threw on 1st and 3rd downs a majority of the time last season and into an early part of this season. Lets not mentioned that the personel on the line has changed. Sign Shone Green and draft offensive linemen and D linemen.

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