Bucs up 7-3 over lifeless Chiefs


Games often come down to one play.

Which is good news for the Buccaneers, since they made the one play in their game against the Chiefs.

An acrobatic 62-yard touchdown catch-and-run from Mike Williams will probably be the only highlight that’s shown from this one. It continues a run of big plays for Williams, who had a 65-yarder in Tampa Bay’s last game against the Redskins.

The Chiefs have had more than double the time of possession, but to no avail. Brady Quinn’s red zone pick was their 20th turnover of the year.

4 responses to “Bucs up 7-3 over lifeless Chiefs

  1. I have no idea when or how my chiefs will get a quarterback. have a lot of good pieces to build around but that doesn’t matter obviously

  2. Hah.. these are the same Chiefs who’s fanbase was foaming at the mouth claiming an AFC West Title this year too.

    Delusional. Lets try and be a little more realistic next mmkay. You guys are almost as bad as Bronco fans.

  3. Way to jump the gun on that prediction huh? Looks like a lot of great highlights for the Buccaneers. Granted, against a pretty awful Chiefs team but a win is a win. I am hopeful this can be something good for them moving forward this season.

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