Cleveland architects propose geodesic dome for Browns

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Soon-to-be Browns owner Jimmy Haslam wants to look into putting a lid on the team’s stadium.  A pair of Cleveland architects (one of whom may or may not be named Art Vandalay) has an idea, according to

A geodesic dome.

Those of who you, like us, have committed to memory the lyrics of Who Needs The Kwik-E-Mart? may not have realized that a geodesic dome is actually, you know, a thing.  But it is.

In this case, it would be a 1,100-foot diameter half-sphere that would be constructed over the existing stadium.

“It’s open around the base and would allow fresh air to come in and it would allow heated air to be extracted near the top,” architect Geoffrey Varga said. “People would have to dress for the normal weather conditions. However, you’re not going to be rained on and you’re not going to be snowed on but if it was winter, you would wear winter clothes.”

It sounds like a fancy car port.  And the idea probably will never get out of the garage.

16 responses to “Cleveland architects propose geodesic dome for Browns

  1. This is a patently ridiculous idea. I hope for Cleveland’s sake Haslam sees this as plainly as most do. BTW the Simpsons reference went over my head, anyone kind enough to clear it up for me?

  2. Looks more like a bee hive … I got a better Idea , How about investing some of those billion dollars in to putting a quality product on the field.

  3. The Mariners stadium is the same idea – a carport-type covering roof when closed that does not change the outside temperature.

    But for a football stadium the whole thing is a stupid idea.

  4. Born and raised in the greater Cleveland area, some of my best football memories include Otto Graham, and later, Jim Brown playing in the snow, rain and mud.

    I guess those days are gone now….just like meaningful manufacturing jobs, three shifts working, and over-time.

    Now days, it’s private boxes, steroid use, drug use, bling-bling, agents/lawyers, and teams threatening to move every couple of years.

    Whateve happened to the game?

  5. What advantage has the open air stadium gotten us to this point. The way this current team is constructed I think the offense and passing game would benefit immensely from having a dome. I don’t like this half dome idea but I’m not totally against putting a dome on this stadium. I don’t really care either way, but I don’t understand why everyone on here is so against it when we’ve gone 4-12 almost every year since this stadium has been built.

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