Lions still don’t know if Jahvid Best can play


During the offseason, it felt like we rarely went more than a couple of days without some discussion of running back Jahvid Best’s status.

Now that Best is eligible to start practicing with the Lions thanks to the end of restrictions for players on the physically-unable-to-perform list, the cycle is resuming. Just like the last time, though, the one constant is that Best still hasn’t been cleared to return to action.

Best said he hoped to be cleared to return last Friday after neurological tests last week, but coach Jim Schwartz said that there was no update to Best’s status. He sent pretty much the same message on Monday, adding that the decision was being made without him and that it hadn’t been made yet.

“There was a lot of testing done, and different stuff like that. A lot of opinions going back and forth. There are a lot of different people involved,” Schwartz said, via Anwar Richardson of “Not in the loop, and rightfully so,” Schwartz said. “I don’t know anything about that stuff. I think just take it as it comes. I said this time and time again. It’s different than any other injury. You can try to put some type of timetable on it. With that, you can’t. We’ll just listen to the people that know what they’re talking about. When we get a decision, we’ll let you know.”

We’d tell you to expect to have a better sense of Best’s status later this week, but past history says not to lay too heavy a wager on it.

12 responses to “Lions still don’t know if Jahvid Best can play

  1. “We’ll just listen to the people that know what they’re talking about. When we get a decision, we’ll let you know.” – Schwartz

    Now pay attention to what Coach Schwartz said there…..and don’t come back with a million comments hoping that ‘they don’t rush him back’…..smh

  2. I’d be surprised to see Best return at all. If he can, and it’s safe, then welcome back. But, if there’s any doubt about his safety and his long term quality of life, then he needs to call it a career. No matter what anybody thinks.

  3. I took Best in the late rounds of my fantasy draft in hopes he would come back after week 6. I don’t think there’s anyone on Detroit’s roster who is better than a healthy Best. If he isn’t cleared for this week, fine, but if he isn’t cleared for the next game I’ll probably have to drop him. Fantasy football implications aside, I hope he is able to make a full recovery so he will be able to live a full life long after football.

  4. I would how much his additional concussions are related to the extremely severe concussion he had at Cal? It is always sad to see injuries wipe out talent.

  5. Jahvid Best is a great kid, I hope they do what’s best for his health. He’s been a stand up guy through the whole process, so I hope they continue to do so, hate to see another on field tragedy happen during a Lions game.

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