Jason Pinkston hospitalized with blood clot


Browns left guard Jason Pinkston has been hospitalized with a blood clot, won’t play this week against the Colts, and his status for the rest of the season will be determined next week.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Pinkston has been limited in practice all week. He started last week’s game, but missed most of it with what was called an undisclosed illness.

John Greco replaced Pinkston last week, and would likely start for him this week.

7 responses to “Jason Pinkston hospitalized with blood clot

  1. This is going to be an ungly situation for the Browns, not on the field. It seems Pinkston was showing symptoms as far back as Sunday, but no one did anything. From what I hear(take it for what it’s worth to you), the coaching staff made him keep practicing after spitting up blood. Only after practice did he get to a hospital. VERY dangerous situation.

  2. This should end up costing Shurmur his job. Pinkston was apparently coughing up blood in practice and they told him to keep going.

  3. @ jackblackshairyback,

    That is REALLY dangerous, and really unfortunate. Bad move for the training staff. I don’t care how bad you need someone, to force them to play or practice after that is extremely unsat. It isn’t about being a man, but about keeping that man safe from further damage. Something is really wrong with the Cleveland Browns training staff if this is true. Maybe the coaching staff as well.

  4. Latest report is, the clot is in his lungs, and he is receiving “aggressive treatment”.


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