Pierre Garçon doubtful for Giants game

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It looks like it will be another week without wide receiver Pierre Garçon for the Redskins.

Garçon missed practice again on Friday and has been listed as doubtful for Washington’s trip to New Jersey to face the Giants this Sunday. Rich Campbell of CSNWashington.com reports that Garçon will only play in the event that another wide receiver becomes unable to play between now and Sunday morning.

This will be the fourth missed game for Garçon in his first season with the Redskins. That might have some wondering whether or not the Redskins made a mistake in signing Garçon, but Redskins coach Mike Shanahan isn’t one of them. Shanahan told Jason Reid of the Washington Post what it will look like when Garçon’s toe has healed up enough to enable him to play.

“You will see that he’s a definite No. 1 receiver,” Shanahan said. “No ifs, ands or buts about it.”

As long as Garçon remains out of the lineups, it will be imposible to know if Shanahan is correct. And it will be harder for the Redskins to generate the kind of passing offense needed to win games on the road against good defenses like the one on the Giants.

The Redskins may also need to sign a new punter for Sunday. Sav Rocca hurt his knee jogging and the team is looking at other punters on Friday. Rocca is listed as questionable and they’ll determine his status on Saturday.

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  1. Scrub..over paid haha skins like to overpay for mediocre players ….u like the colts sloppy seconds

  2. what the Redskins and Cowboys did didn’t violate any rules what so ever?? hmmmm seems like the giants are the ones trying to gain a competitive advantage in that division!!!! Mara is a cheater!!! THE REDSKINS AND COWBOYS DIDN’T CHEAT OR BREAK ANY RULES THEY DESERVE THE CAP ROOM BACK AND THE JUDGE WILL GIVE IT TO THEM PLUS MAYBE SOME HIGH DRAFT PICKS AND EXTRA CAP ROOM FOR DAMAGES!!! THAT WOULD BE THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE SURE A GRIMEY SCUMBAG CHEATER LIKE MARA NEVER TRIES SOME BS LIKE THAT AGAIN!!! pft needs to put pressure in the press to show and prove that the Redskins and cowboys did Not cheat and did nothing wrong!! this is clear defermation of two important businesses!!! Mara and the giants Are the clear cheaters in this trying to gain advantage over these two clubs!! karma will make them pay and the media should also this is an outrage!!!

  3. Only 8 catches so far for the $42 million man. Too early to call a bust but he’s fast approaching Albert Haynesworth territory.

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