Vikings lead Cards by seven at the half


Vikings offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave wasn’t proud of the fact that receiver Percy Harvin wasn’t involved in the red zone last week.  Musgrave should be proud today.

Harvin scored the go-ahead touchdown on a three-yard pass from quarterback Christian Ponder, as the Vikings lead at the half, 14-7.

Running back Adrian Peterson has added 92 yards rushing on 11 carries, with plenty coming after contact.

The Vikings nearly gave the Cards a free three points near the end of the half.  With 14 seconds left and the ball on their own 21, Ponder threw a pass that was picked off.  But kicker Jay Feely was wide right on a 47-yard field goal attempt that would have pulled Arizona to within four points.

4 responses to “Vikings lead Cards by seven at the half

  1. Ponder is not NFL caliber at all. 58 yards passing? The Vikings are unable to convert on third downs because this guy is horrible so teams stack the box. Give credit to the rest of the team for being 5-2.

  2. Ponder tried to hit Rudolf on that play with a pass while on the run and linemen on his heels. There was nobody between Rudolf and the endzone… had that been completed, it was 6 points for the Vikings. Yeah, he missed a difficult throw, but recognizng that opening in the defense was huge.

  3. Also, that should not have been ruled an interception. The ball clearly hit the ground and even the Aleio said it hit the ground and should have remained the Vikings ball after being overturned.

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