Calvin Johnson using Richard Sherman’s transformation as motivation

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Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman’s decision to change his Twitter name to Optimus Prime caught our attention and it has now been brought to the attention of the man they call Megatron.

For those who are just catching up, we’ll run things down quick. Sherman changed his name because Optimus Prime is the hero from the Transformers who is tasked with battling the villainous Megatron at every turn. Megatron is, of course, the nickname bestowed upon Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson by his former teammate Ray Williams shortly after Johnson joined the team.

Johnson heard about Sherman’s Twitter hijinx and sent back a response.

“Self-given nickname – if that’s who he wants to be, that’s cool,” Johnson said, via Tim Twentyman of the team’s website. “I can use it as motivation, no doubt about it.”

Johnson returned to practice Thursday after a day off on Wednesday that was attributed to a knee injury. With just one touchdown through six games this season, you’d think that Sherman and other corners would prefer to give Johnson as little motivation as possible to keep him off his game. Sherman went a different route and could wind up inspiring Michael Bay to make one more pass at a movie about the children’s toys coming to life and destroying large swaths of humanity.

We’d much rather watch a football game, especially now that this matchup’s got a little extra buzz around it.

31 responses to “Calvin Johnson using Richard Sherman’s transformation as motivation

  1. Whether Sherman says anything or not Calvin should be motivated to play this game. What is he gonna play halfassed if Sherman doesnt change his name but now hes gonna give areal effort? Doesnt matter
    just play the game.

    Go Hawks

  2. webehighrollin says:Oct 25, 2012 7:07 PM

    The clown behavior starts from the very top..aka Pete Carroll. So we don’t expect anything less from a Seahawk.

    Most classless organization in the NFL.


    If you think this is classless, you must be a very sensitive person. Also Sherman was Jim Harbaugh’s player first.

    Also how was the twitter name Optimus Prime not already taken?

  3. It’s still a game. Quit being hurt that Sherman is having fun. If it was you playing a quick pickup game, you’d do the same thing and people would laugh and keep it moving.

    I guess the No Fun League extends to the fans too sometimes, lol

  4. You’re getting paid how much to play football, and you have to look to the media for motivation?

    That’s almost as sad as not catching a TD pass from your starting QB six games into the season.

  5. He changed his Twitter name as a joke?! WHAT A CLASSLESS MONSTER!

    Gah. Lighten up. Sherman may talk a lot, but he’s still light-years away from Ndamukong Suh territory.

    I’m glad Sherman did it. With any luck, Titus Young will change his Twitter name to Starscream and Brandon Browner will change his to Smokescreen. Earl Thomas could be Bumblebee. I mean…I don’t see why anyone would be against this.

  6. If there’s ever a time for Megatron to break out it’s now. Would love to shut up this loud classless fool and his stupid coach.

    At least Holmgren was a winner. These guys are haven’t done squat!

  7. @trollhammer20

    Living up to your name I see. Yeah, you have it right, Calvin was pacing around the training room having a panic attack from anxiety because he just HAD to “look to the media for motivation”, and it wasn’t there until Sherman’s quote. Or its the fact that ANY competitive athlete, especially the great ones, get fired up when they feel any sort of perceived slight from an opponent. CJ was gonna bring it next game like he always does, no matter if anyone said something or not.

  8. Wow. Never seen so many conflicting posts all be right.

    Goofy to nickname yourself.
    Dum that Calvin needs this motivation.
    Relax! The guy is just having fun.
    Why motivate the sleeping dog?

  9. Since when is trash talking classless? It has been is part of the game for decades. It’s now just in front of our faces with all these twitter posts. Annoying yes, especially if it’s not your team. But classless, nope. Not classless because you don’t like it.

    Such fan sensitivity for a sport built for tough men. If Sherman were to only praise him, he would be put down for being soft. And you all know it.

  10. The Transformers… get real.. two grown men pretending to be CARTOONS? this is the NFL play the game an come up with football nicknames.. what happend to PRIME TIME!! thats a football name.

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