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Greg Jennings expected to miss three weeks

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Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings will have surgery to repair a torn abdominal muscle on Tuesday.

Jennings said that he expected to be back in the locker room on Wednesday after the 20-25 minute outpatient procedure, but wasn’t willing to attach himself to a timeline for getting back on the field when he announced his decision on Thursday. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that doctors expect him to be sidelined about three weeks. If that holds, Jennings could make his return on Nov. 25 against the Giants after missing two games beyond this week’s matchup with the Jaguars.

With Jennings set to become a free agent after this season, the amount of time he’s lost to injury this season could wind up impacting the contract he signs before next year. While Jennings regrets not getting the surgery earlier in the season, he said Thursday that he thinks he’s done enough to show teams what they’d get if they signed him to a contract.

“Free agency will take care of itself. Hopefully, I’ve put on film certain plays that I’m able to make and showcase my talents,” Jennings said. “Right now, I have to take care of myself and do what’s best for me.”

The Packers might also be without Jordy Nelson, who will test his aching hamstring on Saturday, against the Jaguars this week. If so, it will be up to Randall Cobb, James Jones and the other healthy Packers receiver to keep up the resurgent passing offense we’ve seen the last two weeks.

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23 Responses to “Greg Jennings expected to miss three weeks”
  1. squared80 says: Oct 26, 2012 9:30 AM

    Aaron Rodgers and I blame the refs for this.

  2. shaggytoodle says: Oct 26, 2012 9:30 AM

    I hope he stays in Green Bay, but TT is great at drafting WRs so he won’t be missed as bad.

    I also think there is some team willing to throw big bucks at him, whether it be a team like the Jets or Phins.

  3. medtxpack says: Oct 26, 2012 9:50 AM

    So Donal Driver looks over at Max MacGee and says i think well get some plays this week!

  4. chi01town says: Oct 26, 2012 10:06 AM

    Smart move Jennings… finding away to get paid an not play for a team that dont wanna give you a contract.

  5. packerstexansfan says: Oct 26, 2012 10:37 AM

    Was hoping he’d be back for the Giants. That’s when we’re gonna need him

  6. g2-565cfd5c11a869191e3803cf365dd100 says: Oct 26, 2012 10:38 AM

    Hmmmm, are you listening Miami?

    Reggie Bush, Matt Flynn, Greg Jennings… JOE PHILBIN…

    This story writes itself, but the fins will find someway to screw it up.

  7. longhairdontcare66 says: Oct 26, 2012 10:39 AM

    I really hope he’s a Packer next year. We may have a talented group of WR but Greg is the best of them all. I don’t understand how ppl forget how good he is because he missed a few games. I hope you come back healthy and kill it the way you have the last few years- then stay a Packer for life.

  8. nomoreseasontix says: Oct 26, 2012 10:40 AM

    I really love the way he’s worried about what he puts on film to showcase himself.
    Not a word about helping the team, though.

    Why are wide receivers and cornerbacks such divas?

  9. Carl Gerbschmidt says: Oct 26, 2012 10:42 AM

    Let him rest. We’re going to need him for our playoff run. One more for the thumb, m’boy.

  10. bearasstruth says: Oct 26, 2012 11:31 AM

    The “Thud” heard over the bay!

  11. tiredofyoureferringtoateamaswe says: Oct 26, 2012 11:35 AM

    medtxpack says:
    Oct 26, 2012 9:50 AM

    So Donal Driver looks over at Max MacGee and says i think well get some plays this week!

    You do realize that Max died several years ago right? He fell off of his roof in MN while cleaning the gutters. RIP

  12. tokyomanblastersmom says: Oct 26, 2012 12:18 PM

    So when the packerds lose 2 of their next 3 games, it will be because they beat themselves.

    Heck, even when they win, they’re crybabies.

  13. stellarperformance says: Oct 26, 2012 12:30 PM

    tokyomanblastersmom says:
    Oct 26, 2012 12:18 PM
    …..Heck, even when they win, they’re crybabies.

    Yes, I remember shedding a tear of joy when the Packers won the SuperBowl….at every one of them in fact. And I probably will again this year.

  14. bspurloc says: Oct 26, 2012 12:40 PM

    3 weeks out for abdominal surgery from a groin injury?

    Um how about 6 months.

  15. bangithard says: Oct 26, 2012 1:01 PM

    I am waiting for some feckless Packer fan to scream


    get over it – The team is hobbling along – you have major injuries at almost every level and are limping into a weak schedule at 4-3.

  16. crownofthehelmet says: Oct 26, 2012 1:15 PM

    I’ve never seen so much talk about an average-at-best team. Can we at least talk about how recently they became the only 15-1 team to get bumped from the first round of the playoffs. Now that’s an interesting topic.

  17. thetokyosandblaster says: Oct 26, 2012 1:43 PM

    So much jealousy!

    Keep it coming!

    Best team in the nfl gets off to a rusty start and you girls are all excited, like your team may stand a chance.

  18. crownofthehelmet says: Oct 26, 2012 2:33 PM

    Hey Tokyo, you’re 4-4 over the last 8 games. Not even close to the best team in the NFL, except in your homer world.

  19. deltaoracle says: Oct 26, 2012 3:50 PM

    I’ve never seen so much envy directed toward a supposedly “average at best team.”

  20. crownofthehelmet says: Oct 26, 2012 4:57 PM

    You lost to the Colts and Seattle – enough said.

  21. chi01town says: Oct 26, 2012 7:40 PM

    the Packers look like a M.A.S.H unit
    right now. So even against weak teams they will have it hard. They cant lose no more games CHICAGO is already getting out of reach right now.

  22. vikingfan1971 says: Oct 27, 2012 4:19 PM

    you are so full of yourself tokyo your team is not the best team in the nfl right now the falcons are the bears are better than the packers and the vikings are still on top I sure hope you guys lose tomorrow game would be funny if you dont we are tied

  23. thetokyosandblaster says: Oct 27, 2012 11:17 PM

    Vikingfan, did you see the Packers play the lowly bears?

    You just don’t see it, do you?

    The Packers toughest part of the schedule is over. Every single game left is very winable.

    The Giants are the only team that the Packers may lose to. They play the Vikings twice, the Lions twice, the Cards, Jags, and Tennessee.

    The Packers will end up 12-4 at worst, and 13-3 at best.

    Don’t kid yourself, the Packers will be the number 1 or 2 seed. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

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