PFT Live: Rookie breakout or deficient defense?

PFT Live: Mike Florio talks with Paul Allen of KFAN Sports Radio FM 100.3 about the Vikings falling to the Buccaneers 36-17 on Thursday night football. Paul Allen says the significant problem was the Vikings rush defense after allowing Doug Martin to rush for 132 yards. Allen also talks about how Ronde Barber and the Buccaneers defense dismantled the Vikings offense after there was much hope for Christian Ponder and the rest of the squad early in the season.

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3 responses to “PFT Live: Rookie breakout or deficient defense?

  1. I am a life long Vikings fan who currently resides in Tampa. Today I am donning my Vikes jersey (Harvin), knowing that I will be razzed. This is something you will never see a fairweather yucks fan do. I am not bailing on my team. We are a work in progress and to think there wouldnt be some ups and downs is downright ignorant. BTW why no mention of how the refs did their best to steal momentum? How come everytime I start to think the refs are doing a good job they do something unpresidented i.e. keep allowing a qb to reset the clock repeatedly?

  2. Of course it was the Viking’s defense! Everybody knows that the Bucs don’t have good games, the other team just isn’t as good as we thought they were. That’s the standard line every time the Bucs win a game or show any kind of spark. I have the feeling that a lot of teams this year are going to ‘play badly’ against Tampa Bay. We fans see it as the Bucs getting better, but the rest of the league knows that’s just our pewter colored glasses. Anybody watch the pre-game show Thursday night? It was like the Vikings were playing some generic no-name team who need not be mentioned, this was the AP and Percy Harvin show! But it was a whole lot of fun to watch!

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