Michael Bennett gets 15 months in prison for fraud

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Former Pro Bowl running back Michael Bennett, who played 10 seasons in the NFL, claims that “financial desperation” led him to commit fraud. That fraud will put him in prison.

The Sun-Sentinel reports that Bennett was sentenced to a year and three months in federal prison on Friday after he pleaded guilty to wire fraud. Bennett’s crime involved using inaccurate statements to obtain a loan.

Bennett was a first-round draft pick of the Vikings in 2001 and a Pro Bowler in 2002, and although he was mostly a backup for the second half of his career, he collected NFL paychecks until 2010 and made millions of dollars in his career. It’s unclear why he was in a state of financial desperation.

UPDATE: Bennett’s attorney told PFT in a statement, “Mr. Bennett took full responsibility for his mistake and is now ready to put this incident behind him and get his life back on track.”

14 responses to “Michael Bennett gets 15 months in prison for fraud

  1. The media always gets this wrong: “stealing their identities to take their tax refunds”.

    The crooks aren’t stealing anyone else’s refund, they are applying for and receiving fraudaulent refunds. The defrauded taxypayers will get their refunds eventually.

    Your tax dollars at work!

  2. These guys spend money like there is no tomorrow YOLO, but guess what guys there is a tomorrow and it may be unkind. How are you in financial hardships when you last played in 2010?
    *** YOLO- You only Live once.

  3. Bennett was drafted by the Vikings but also played for the Saints, Chiefs, Chargers, and Bucs before his one season in Oakland. Joseph was a Giant for four of his six years in the NFL, and Gachelin was drafted by the Pats. But after reading this I can only conclude that they were all “typical” Raiders.

    Hate much?

  4. This dude got shot at in an old club in St. Paul called club cancun on rice street. The irony is that Bennett, cup pepper, and another Viking were there that night celebrating Bennett’s big new contact extension.

  5. Gotta believe that someone put him up to this like his old accountant or agent. These guys never thought the day would come were they had to actually use their big head for something other than ramming it into another player ! Last big wire fraud pro jock was Marion Jones’s second ex-hubby , sprinter dude. I ‘d have to say the ” Raiders black hole” IS full of” holes”. Gotta Tebow

  6. @keyser soze

    I think the point is the only time they were teammates was when they were with the Raiders.

  7. What a loser. Too bad too, the guy was a beast at Wisconsin and his first few years in Minny.

    He’s also the nephew of former Packer DE Tony Bennett.

  8. It never seizes to amaze me how many of these college “educated” athletes can’t seem to grasp the concept of money management, yikes!!!

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