Amazingly, Amendola could play today


Three weeks and three days ago, Rams receiver Danny Amendola suffered a collarbone injury that, given the inward movement of the detached bone toward vital body parts, could have been fatal.

Today, Amendola possibly will be playing against the Patriots in London.

Albert Breer of NFL Network reported during GameDay Morning that Amendola will participate in pregame warmups, and that Amendola could play.

Officially, he’s listed as questionable.  It’s a designation we assumed Rams coach Jeff Fisher was using primarily to give Pats coach Bill Belichick a taste of his own injury-reporting medicine.  Given that Amendola alters the Rams’ offense significantly, the Pats could be caught unprepared if they didn’t spend time factoring Amendola’s possible presence into the planning for this one.

16 responses to “Amazingly, Amendola could play today

  1. I think the Rams let him play if he is good to go since they have their bye next week. If not, I don’t think he’d be back this week. Also, it doesn’t hurt that New England’s secondary is pretty bad.

  2. Amendola is what is right with football. The guy plays the game with such intensity and desire that every time he makes a catch you watch just to see what kind of incredible he might do. This is the next guy the Rams need to sign to a long term deal.

  3. He should sit IMO. He is not going to be the sole reason the Ram’s either win or lose this game. They have a bye next week and play the Niner’s after that. Let him heal!

  4. Am I the only one that things the whole “Probable/Questionable/Doubtful/Out” thing is stupid? There should be 3 designations. “Yes/Maybe/No”.

    Every one of the existing ones, aside from OUT leaves a chance that the player could play, yet if they are listed as questionable or doubtful, and still play, people get butthurt. Isn’t it supposed to b 75/50/25% chance of playing? Even 25% is still a 1 in 4 chance that the guy plays, so if he’s doubtful and plays, well, whats the problem?

  5. Hope those medical quacks know what they are doing.
    A collarbone broken or cracked, used to take about six weeks to heal.

  6. baloneyjohn says:
    Oct 28, 2012 10:44 AM
    Hope those medical quacks know what they are doing.
    A collarbone broken or cracked, used to take about six weeks to heal.

    He was never seriously going to play. Every Ram fan knew he was going to return after the bye week before the niner game at the earliest.

    This was just coach fisher just having the injury report fun, just like belicheck

  7. I love how BB is widely noted as the only HC who plays with the report and that other coaches only do it when they face him.
    Meanwhile Fisher coaches his guys to play dirty and receives nothing but love. 😀

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