With help from sponsors, Chargers finagle sellout

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The Chargers host the Chiefs on Thursday night.  The Chargers reportedly had 10,000 unsold tickets for the game.  The Chargers sold those tickets.

But not by marketing them to Chiefs fans.

With help from a cluster of sponsors (if Norv Turner won’t give anyone free advertising, we won’t either), the Chargers moved the remaining non-premium tickets.  The unsold seats, purchased at 34 cents on the dollar, will be donated to local military bases and military hospitals.

The Chargers opted before the season not to reduce their minimum sales threshold from 100 percent of non-premium tickets to 85 percent.

After a 3-1 start, the Chargers have lost three games in a row.  Not to be outdone when it comes to not getting it done, the Chiefs are 1-6 — and they’ve never ever ever ever never ever led during any game this year, getting their one win on the final play of an overtime victory over the Saints.

14 responses to “With help from sponsors, Chargers finagle sellout

  1. This game would be more interesting if they actually played it on an air craft carrier, in the middle of shark infested waters, in front of all the servicemen and women they had to give tickets to.

    That way, when Cassell unwittingly scrambles out of bounds and into shark infested waters, Romeo and Pioli may jump in to try to save him.

  2. We have no defensive leadership and the norv rivers show is in full sabatoge mode until the defense figures some things out… Unwatchable.

  3. Before I questioned the chargers fan on why they couldn’t sellout, now after the blowout second half lost to the broncos and losing to the browns, I see why. Just that fast their 3-1 eecord diminished to a losing record and now the raiders are threatening to bypass them.

  4. the only way bolts backers can see to it that their team stops dying a long slow death from 1000 paper cuts at the hand of AJ Smith is to stop supporting them until he is gone. thats whats happening in SD, fans want to save the team by staying home until the incompetence is replaced with less ego and more results. they’ve been asking for it for years with no results as they watch good players leave because the GM doesn’t like them, Spanos wont make changes without empty seats. so guess what? you got em!

  5. isn’t this the second prime time home game the Chargers have had this season? why do they give these prime time games to teams who can’t sell out any games?? give it to those teams who do, it’s ridiculous. nobody is going to watch anyway!

  6. shackdelrio says: LA Chargers

    a) That would be L. A. Chargers.
    2) Thanks, but no. We’re holding out for the return of the Rams.

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