Texans tried out a ton of wideouts on Tuesday


The Texans apparently want to beef up the receiver position.  Per a league source, they brought seven of them to Houston on Tuesday for a workout.

The guys who got a look-see were Adrian Arrington, Deon Butler, Brandon Carswell, Jerrell Jackson, Titus Ryan, DeMarco Sampson, and Jordan Shipley (pictured).

The Texans also tried out quarterbacks Josh Johnson and Stephen McGee, presumably for the purposes of throwing to the receivers.

Houston currently has five receivers on the roster:  Andre Johnson, Kevin Walter, DeVier Posey, Keshawn Martin, and Lester Jean.  Jeff Maehl is on the team’s practice squad.

8 responses to “Texans tried out a ton of wideouts on Tuesday

  1. What no Burress or Owens? I would say the writing is in bold face on the wall if they bring in so many receivers who for the most part no one has really heard of.

  2. Johnson and Walter have done a decent job this year. Martin will get there. Posey seems to be the ugly freshman girl who grows up to be Senior Homecoming Queen. Does anyone know if Lestar Jean is a little more injured than we know? He seemed ready to go this year, had that great catch for 46 yards, got injured, came back, and has disappeared since.

  3. They are working on their short list of guys in case anything happens to the guys they have. That is just smart. That’s all there is to this ‘story’

  4. Try out Plaxico or T.O.!!!!!
    The fact that the tryouts didn’t include either of those stiffs or Chad Whatevermynameisthisweek tells you what the Texans and the rest of the league think of those three drama queens.

    Of those seven, I’ve heard of Shipley (from his Bengal days) and perhaps Ryan. The others are just names. Even if they’re just special teams fodder, they’re probably better than The Three Mouths.

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