Dez Bryant says he’s off punt returns, vows to come back


Apparently two straight games with special teams mistakes was enough to make Dez Bryant solely an offensive player.

The Cowboys wide receiver said he was off punt returns, according to Jimmy Burch of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Asked Thursday if he was still the guy, Bryant replied: “I don’t think so. But I promise you, man, I’m going to bet back in their ear. I’m going to get in their ear about that.”

Bryant picked up a bouncer against the Panthers that nearly turned into a disaster, and fumbled last week against the Giants. Dwayne Harris and Cole Beasley replaced him last week after the fumble.

“I was very understanding,” Bryant said. “But like I said, I’m going to get back in coach’s ear. I think it will be hard for him to tell me ‘no.’ I’m going to continue to keep working at it. It’s not hard for me to catch a punt. I just need to feel it in and stop looking upfield and think before catching the rock. That should be my first objective, to catch the ball and then go make a play.”

Bryant has a 44-yarder on his resume, and obviously has the most big-play potential of the Cowboys current options.

But big plays cut both directions.

18 responses to “Dez Bryant says he’s off punt returns, vows to come back

  1. Wait a minute. Didn’t they JUST say, this week, he was still going to return punts? SHOCK, a coach or GM says something that isn’t so? i.e. Reid about Vick going to remain QB? I wonder if these guys know what the truth really is?

  2. I really dont like this guy. Hes a new era M. Irvin but without the production. Id love to cheer his injury here in Philly as well.

  3. They need to get rid of the gloves. It makes players think they can catch anything, but they don’t have the tactile feel for securing it.

    Go back to catching the ball the manly way – no gloves! Dang sissies!

    Long hair, earrings, makeup, hankies, and gloves… no wonder this team has problems.

  4. Let’s see … Dez can’t field punts, can’t run routes, and can’t catch an easy pass over the middle. Makes a great catch that doesn’t count but brick hands for easy ones.

    Why is he being paid to play pro ball?

  5. Michael Irvin has said Dez Bryant is the most “talented” receiver he has seen. Now hearing that from a HOF wide receiver means something. On the other hand when you watch Dez play he is extremely dangerous with the ball and has unbelievable ability but is always just a dollar short. Running bad routes, dropping balls, fumbles, or just a bad decision on when to fair catch a ball. With all that being said I really would like to see him put it all together. The talent is there, now he just needs the right mind set.

  6. I think that Bryant is playing too scared – scared to fail. It’s good for a player to play with a little fear or pressure, but Bryant seems to play like he’s so scared to fair catch cuz someone might think he wasn’t trying hard enough. Or catch the ball and go down because someone might think he didn’t give second effort. Consequently, he’s prone to mistakes. Romo still plays a little like that some times.

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