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Jamaal Charles leaves game following hit


Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles left Thursday night’s game against the San Diego Chargers midway through the fourth quarter after taking a helmet-to-helmet hit from Chargers linebacker Donald Butler.

Charles had caught a pass over the middle from quarterback Matt Cassell and fought through a tackle by Chargers defensive back Corey Lynch. As he slipped through the attempted tackle, Charles fell backward as Butler came in on Charles from behind. They hit helmet-to-helmet and Charles remained down on the field.

Charles was attended to before walking off under his own power.

UPDATE 12:35 a.m. ET: Charles officially left the game with a neck injury. According to Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star, Charles said he felt he could have gone back in but was told he was done for the night.

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19 Responses to “Jamaal Charles leaves game following hit”
  1. jbaxt says: Nov 1, 2012 11:11 PM

    Pioli, Crennel, and Daboll all need to leave the NFL because of the hit. The hit that is the 1-7 KC Chiefs.

  2. wgray981 says: Nov 1, 2012 11:13 PM

    He’s on my fantasy team…crap! Wish him a speedy recovery (and not just bc he’s on my team). That’s a big blow for KC, he was their ONE playmaker.

  3. sullijo1 says: Nov 1, 2012 11:18 PM

    Anybody else done with McCluster? He’s invisible to me…….

  4. bathroomben7 says: Nov 1, 2012 11:23 PM

    They should let Jamaal play QB and dump off a pass to Cassell as 3 defenders are bearing down him for helmet to helmet hit.

  5. sullijo1 says: Nov 1, 2012 11:24 PM

    On the Chargers Victory formation, kneel down play at the end of the game…… I thought Dontari Poe played really well. He seemed to fire off the ball and read and react to what was going on quickly…..nice job!

  6. johninthewest says: Nov 1, 2012 11:25 PM

    The whole team left the game..
    Romeo should be handed a pink slip by 7am tomorrow morning…

  7. raiderswin00 says: Nov 1, 2012 11:26 PM

    God KC is garbage.

  8. gatorsfan92 says: Nov 1, 2012 11:32 PM

    Broken collarbone. Watch the hit again. Out 4-6 you heard it here first!

  9. peytonsneck18 says: Nov 1, 2012 11:40 PM

    My condolences to u KC Chiefs fans …it must really be painful ….god bless u guys

  10. tbd3 says: Nov 1, 2012 11:42 PM

    “Damn! I knew I should have only given him five carries again…”

  11. lakermetskins says: Nov 2, 2012 12:21 AM

    Ever wonder why Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers’s rarely get tipped passes for pick sixes.
    It ‘s because they are accurate!!!!!!!

  12. mazblast says: Nov 2, 2012 1:03 AM

    raiderswin00 says:

    God KC is garbage.
    Impossible. Guided by the New England Holy Trinity of Pioli, Crennel, and Cassel, the Chiefs are well on their way to football immortality, since it is well established that anyone who has ever been connected to Holy New England is incapable of error. Josh McDaniels and Charlie Weis are living proof of this.

  13. 303bengalguy says: Nov 2, 2012 1:38 AM

    Daboll is a terrible oc.

  14. jcdavey2011 says: Nov 2, 2012 2:35 AM

    i hope charles is ok, not just cause he’s on my ff team though.

    i LOVE butler though, one of the few solid charger draft picks over the last few years

  15. 1972wasalongtimeago says: Nov 2, 2012 6:20 AM

    Cassel is going to get someone killed. His performance was Feeley/Harrington/Lemon/Beck/Henne-Esque

  16. all32 says: Nov 2, 2012 8:42 AM

    The old AFL was a lot more fun to watch.

  17. trojanwarrior007 says: Nov 2, 2012 9:11 AM

    all those first round picks on the defense and they’re still horri-awful.

  18. ralphiepower says: Nov 2, 2012 9:38 AM

    Could you imagine trying to having to diagnose Romeo Crennel for a concussion?

  19. burlbradley says: Nov 2, 2012 9:55 AM

    Crennel didn’t know that J. Charles was knocked out of the game…

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