Robert Mathis plans to return this weekend


When the NFL schedules were announced, there probably weren’t too many people outside of Don Shula enthusiasts who circled the Colts-Dolphins game as one of the key matchups of Week Nine.

That’s what it has turned out to be, though, and it looks like the Colts will get one of their key defensive players back as they try to improve to 5-3 on the season. Linebacker Robert Mathis, who has missed the last three games after injuring his knee against the Packers in Week Four, said Thursday that he’s been given the green light to get back on the field this weekend.

“That’s the plan,” Mathis said, via the Colts website. “I look forward to being back out there with the fellas again. I’m feeling pretty good. They kind of had me on a snap-count (in Wednesday’s practice) to see where I was at. I’m feeling pretty good. I’m looking forward to getting back and playing ball.”

Mathis said that there would be no such limitation on his snaps if he’s in the lineup on Sunday. Mathis had five sacks through four games before getting hurt, a pass rush jolt that should only help the Colts continue their strong play of the last two weeks.

6 responses to “Robert Mathis plans to return this weekend

  1. @peytonsneck18:

    You have been talking trash all week…lol….Although I really like the Job Luck (who is a real class act btw) and your Colts have done so far this year, Miami’s D will be the differance in this one. Our front 7 is just too good. I think it will be a good game against two up and coming teams. The Dolphins will come out on top regaurdless of who we start at QB. Enjoy the crow you will be eating on sunday and good luck on your remaining scheduale.

  2. @peytonsneck18

    Thank you for correcting my spelling. I was in a hurry and didn’t check my work. You are clearly sooo much smarter then everyone else on here. Oh yeah, and btw, I will fix your mistake:

    It’s schedule….player

  3. After reading all week on how Tannehill is the NFL’s highest ranked QB “while being pressured”. The Colts have decided to park Freeney and Mathis and just let Tannehill drop back so they don’t play into his ability to complete passes while laying flat on his back.

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