Chuck Pagano may attend Sunday’s Colts game


Earlier this week, there was some good news out of Indianapolis when interim head coach Bruce Arians told the press that head coach Chuck Pagano attended the team’s coaches meeting.

Pagano is taking leave from the team to focus on his fight against a form of leukemia, he has a round of chemotherapy scheduled for next week according to the Indianapolis Star, so the fact that he felt well enough to come to work is a great development. There might be another one on Sunday. Colts owner Jim Irsay, in his inimitable Twitter style, hinted Friday that Pagano will be at Lucas Oil Stadium to watch his team take on the Dolphins in a game pitting two rookie quarterbacks leading winning teams.

Having Pagano in the house could be good for an emotional boost for the home team on Sunday as they try to continue making a push for a playoff spot well ahead of schedule.

12 responses to “Chuck Pagano may attend Sunday’s Colts game

  1. Thats good to hear…the team will be hyped and take it out in them dolphins! !! Time to go flipper hunting!!!!!

  2. I feel a little sorry for the Dolphins after hearing this. The only thing that’ll fire up a team more than their HC being in the hospital for cancer treatment is that same HC being on the sidelines/in the owner’s booth.

  3. In several of my friends their chemotherapy depressed their immune system and so they had to avoid crowds. I hope and pray Chuck’s immune system is strong enough and he is not taking a risk. I will be at the game and cheering him, wether he is there or not!

  4. All crap talking aside…yes I am talking about you peytonsneck18… I am really glad to hear Pagano will be well enough to attend the game. Fins Nation wishes him a full and speedy recovery. Some things are more important than a football game. With that said….Go Fins!

  5. God, reading Irsay’s tweets is worse than reading any rapper or 13 year old girl’s tweets. It took me three reads to discern what the heck that tweet even meant.

  6. I don’t care if Irsay tweets like a 12 year old. I just hope he can stay sober enough so next time he is on TV he doesn’t slur his entire speech or have the skin tone of a finely cooked lobster. The first few times it embarrassed me as a Colts fan and as a Hoosier. Now I am just flat out worried for the man.

  7. I have no horse in this race, really, but I am certainly pulling for Pagano in his courageous battle, as I’m sure everyone is.

    Also, I’m excited for the Colts in that it looks like Andrew Luck is helping them succeed way ahead of when the football world thought they would.

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