Titans’ Mike Martin fined $15,750 for hit on Andrew Luck

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Titans defensive tackle Mike Martin had two costly penalties on Sunday against the Colts, and one of those penalties was costly for his bank account as well.

Martin was fined $15,750 for a roughing the passer penalty for a hit on Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, the NFL has confirmed.

On the play in question, Martin gave the Colts a free 15 yards when he hit Luck in the shoulder with his helmet. Martin’s hit was not to Luck’s helmet, but a defensive player can be flagged for leading with his helmet even if the hit doesn’t connect to the quarterback’s head or neck area.

Martin, a rookie third-round draft pick, also was flagged for jumping offside against the Colts, a costly penalty that negated a Titans fumble recovery.

9 responses to “Titans’ Mike Martin fined $15,750 for hit on Andrew Luck

  1. I saw the play; it was one of those borderline calls where the QB gets the benefit of the doubt, but it was really half helmet, half shoulder pad…. hardly a flagrant example of leading with the helmet.

    Jared Allen and Donald Penn square off and start throwing punches after a play in a nationally televised game….and yet Martin gets fined more than Allen and Penn combined, for a borderline hit that occurred during a play? I’d be real interested in hearing the reasoning behind this decision.

  2. Let’s just slap flags on QBs and have RBs and linemen kill themselves in the trenches. I never thought playing football especially at the QB position would eventually require no toughness.

  3. Flagging him for it is somewhat understandable since things move fast in real time and QBs almost always get the calls in favor. Fining him for it after seeing it on replay? I don’t know…

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