Colts shaving heads in support of Chuck Pagano

Players on the Indianapolis Colts are shaving their heads in solidarity with head coach Chuck Pagano, who has begun his second course of chemotherapy treatment for leukemia.

Colts owner Jim Irsay wrote on Twitter that several players have already gone bald to show their support for Pagano.

“Buzzed heads abound in our locker room right now in honor of Chuck!” Irsay wrote.

Colts long snapper Matt Overton tweeted the picture you see here of himself, punter Pat McAfee and kicker Adam Vinatieri, all of whom shaved their heads today.

Pagano’s cancer is in remission, but he still has a long road to recovery ahead of him. He is not expected to resume his position as the head coach this season, although the Colts have expressed optimism that he could become more involved after his second course of chemotherapy is completed, and possibly be on the sideline for a game by the end of the year.

15 responses to “Colts shaving heads in support of Chuck Pagano

  1. this team has a high school feel! not meaning that in a bad way..they truly care about winning and each other. my bills suck so i will support them in the playoffs!

  2. More awesome “human beings” on here giving “thumbs down” to supportive comments for a man with cancer.

    As I said with the Steve Gleason story from last night, if you have the balls to give a thumbs down to “get better, we are pulling for ya” type of comments for guys with ALS and Cancer then don’t be a coward and please post your rationale for doing so.

  3. My Air Force unit had someone w/ leukemia, and we did the same thing. It definitely helped bring us all together, and I think it helped his morale as well. He certainly knew we were all supporting him. His cancer went into remission, and he’s still on Active Duty.

  4. We had a coach that was going through chemo in high school and we had almost the entire team shave their head after a practice. I looked absolutely ridiculous. A white dude with blonde eyebrows, a bumpy head and acne was not exactly a great sight. My girlfriend at the time (who I am now married to) cried when she saw me. Not just teared up, but bawled. We had a homecoming dance and I think she was hoping for better pictures or something. Oh well…it was worth it! Chuckstrong!

  5. Save a seat on the Colts bandwagon for this Redskins fan. Great group group of guys the Colts have. Best of luck to Chuck Pagano and the team.

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