Brady gets grilled about his garb

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When Pats quarterback Tom Brady met the media on Wednesday, our buddy Tom Curran of CSN New England used the occasion as an opportunity to bust Brady’s balls (can I say balls here?) about Brady’s choice in clothing.

“Saw you at the Aerosmith concert,” Curran said to Brady.  “Sometimes you dress kinda weird.”

It got a laugh from the room and a presumably sarcastic “thank you” from Brady.  But Curran kept going.

“What’s going on there?” Curran said.  “Who does that?  Do you lay that out?”

Brady smiled, and his face turned red.  “I have no response to that,” Brady said.

We do.  It was hilarious, and it’s great when one of these press conferences entails something other than the same old perfunctory crap that never yields anything useful or insightful.

So well done, Curran.  And don’t worry about ever being asked a similar question.  Based on your wardrobe, it’s obvious that you close your eyes and hope for the best.

26 responses to “Brady gets grilled about his garb

  1. We all know Gisele is at fault.

    And I think we all know we’d dress in whatever Gisele told us to wear if WE were Mr. Gisele Bundchen.

  2. Based on the Ray Lewis commercial in which the little girl “grills” him during the press conference, maybe Curran just thought that these were more like the questions players wanted to hear.

  3. Tom’s mother has issued a statement that “it is not me who dresses him funny.”. She isn’t pointing fingers, but wants it made clear that it has been years since Tom lived at the family home.

  4. When you’ve been one of the top five QB’s for ten years, won Super Bowls, got more money than you can spend in ten lifetimes, headed to the Hall of Fame, and you’re better looking than your super model wife, you can dress any damn way you please.

  5. It’s only a matter of time when a brady story rears its ugly head until the inevitable “he’s rich and he has a super hot wife, you’re just jealous” comment.

  6. He’s rich and he has a super hot wife, you’re just jealous.

    Does anyone think that Brady would give the likes of Curran the time of day if he wasn’t paid to do it? When’s the last time you goofed on Bill Gate’s tie to his face?

  7. It was the stupid glasses that made him look like a dork, looks like the same glasses as Lebron/Wade wore.

  8. Can’t stand the guy or his team, but geez, it’s his business what Gisele has him wear away from work.

  9. Curran is just the type of journalist needed; in sports or politics. Doesn’t take it too seriously, likes to have fun. Doesn’t seem to have an agenda, like too many in his town do. But, on the other hand, he’s not afraid to call it when they suck, but will give kudos when the team deserves it, without being a cheerleader. He’s going places. Perhaps a young Will McDonough, the greatest NFL columnist in history.

  10. Tom Curran should not be talking to anyone about how they dress. Did you see him in London?

    I saw Curran at Mayo’s charity event. He sucked up to the players like a submissive cellmate on day one of his incarceration.

  11. Tom Brady has lost more swag in his couch cushions than any of you will ever have. Enjoy sleeping next to your fat wives while TB plays pro football and slams his smokeshow supermodel every night. Haters gonna hate.

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