Season-ending surgery a possibility for Pierre Garcon


Pierre Garcon’s tenure with the Redskins got off to a great start. But his first season in Washington didn’t get very far. And it may already be over.

Garcon said on Tuesday that his injured right foot is still not healed, and that season-ending surgery is a possibility, although he said he’s still hopeful that with rest and rehab he could get back on the field this year.

We’re trying to avoid that at all possible costs,” Garcon said of season-ending surgery. “But at some time, you’ve got to be realistic and you’ve just got to have it and hopefully it’s a successful surgery and recover from it.”

Garcon caught four passes for 109 yards and a touchdown in the Redskins’ Week One win over the Saints, but he hurt his foot in that game, missed the next two games, and then was ineffective when he tried to return and play through the pain in Weeks Four and Five. He has now missed four games in a row, and with the Redskins at 3-6, it may be time to consider shutting Garcon down and getting him healthy for next year.

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  1. The more I watch this story evolve, the more I give credence to what Laron “Hulk” Landry said about the Redskins training staff. I have rooted for the Redskins my entire life and I know enough about football to know that this franchise is behind in so many areas. This type of stuff doesn’t happen on franchises that compete for championships. However, it seems to happen to the Reskins all too often. I still love them, I really don’t have a choice–it’s in my DNA now. But I’m really frustrated with this mess.

  2. Hey we never knew ye’ so just go on and have the surgery already…I mean why wait it’s only going to pop up again at some point, get the surgery done and out of the way and lets move on.

  3. The lack of a game changing receiver is, once again, rearing its ugly head on this team. The step down from Garcon to Moss/Hankerson is a Grand Canyon-like chasm. And the loss of Fred Davis is also HUGE. God it’s frustrating to be a lifelong Skins fan.

    We did have an offense and no defense… now it seems, all we have is RG3 and Alfred Morris. Every Sunday is like a punch in the gut, and then I get all bitter and mean to my family. Screw that… I’m done until next year. Peace.

  4. I’m sure Robert Griffith now has another excuse to lose again this week

    Who is Robert Griffith?

    lol. You must be an expert.

  5. That foot injury sounds painful. He needs to get the surgery and hope next year will be better for him

  6. Soft. Ask Irsay and Peyton.

    Better luck next year.

    Skins fans, in the fall of 2013, try not to be so sure of your team on this website. How many years in a row is this last place for you?

    Skins23, where you at?

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