Ta’amu apologizes for his arrest

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Steelers defensive lineman Alameda Ta’amu, who served without objection a two-game suspension that the Steelers arguably were authorized to impose after an alcohol-related arrest last month, has apologized publicly for the incident.

After a Thursday court appearance, Ta’amu told reporters (via the Associated Press), “If there was any other word I would say it, but ‘sorry’ is the only word I can say right now.”

Ta’amu waived his preliminary hearing on a laundry list of charges arising a DUI incident that resulted in the rookie crashing into other vehicles and trying to flee on foot.  As a result, he’ll be arraigned on December 31.

9 responses to “Ta’amu apologizes for his arrest

  1. I’m kinda torn on this. I think it is admirable to give a person – player or the average guy – a second chance after a dumb error of judgment. However, I thought read where this also happened to him in school. If that’s the case, maybe he doesn’t deserve another chance.

  2. I am still shocked we did not cut him.

    Don’t understand how you can have a limo waiting for you and you drive!

    Who was with you, why did they not stop you. You are lucky nobody is dead.

    Get some help.

  3. Good to see a team step up and enforce discipline.

    It should not be left up to the commissioner.

    Strong organizations have good leadership.

    Strong organizations and with good leadership usually won’t put up with this.

  4. from the looks of him in the picture, watching him try to ‘flee on foot’ that drunk must have been really funny minus the part where he was endangering people of course.

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