Mularkey says no drastic changes for the Jaguars


The Jaguars fell to 1-8 on Thursday night against the Colts, but there aren’t going to be any big changes with the team before they take the field in Week 11.

That was the message from coach Mike Mularkey on Friday and it includes the quarterback position because “everybody’s got to play better.” He went on to say that successful teams don’t panic or make big changes in the wake of a loss, which apparently did not lead to a follow-up question about what that had to do with the Jaguars but the result is that next week’s Jaguars team will look a lot like the one that lost in Jacksonville.

John Oehser of the Jaguars website reports that Mularkey said Blaine Gabbert will start against the Texans next week as long as he’s cleared medically after aggravating his left shoulder injury in the fourth quarter. Mularkey also said that running back Maurice Jones-Drew is questionable for the game, but that he’s less likely to return to the lineup than defensive back Dwight Lowery.

Owner Shad Khan is also resisting the urge to make any big changes before the end of the season, although it seems inevitable that they will be coming if things continue down this path. Successful teams might not panic, but they also don’t stick with things that clearly aren’t working.

12 responses to “Mularkey says no drastic changes for the Jaguars

  1. Its gonna be ugly next week against the Texans for u jags fans, if my Colts did what they did to yal, just imagine when the Texans D get ahold of yal, u guys have a better chance with yr backup qb playing

  2. Mularkey…one and done. You have to put the players that gives your team it’s best chance of winning, unless, you are trying to lose for the #1 pick in the draft.

  3. I’ve been a jags fan since they came out living in ohio (with the factory of sadness to root for back home) and while I think it’s not totally mularkey’s fault there is no true talent on the team it brings me to wonder what could have been if they had promoted d coordinater mile smith while del rio was on the hot seat where would the team be now? I know they still have a strong d and ATL has m Ryan, turner, white, jones & gonzo but the jags have also had the draft picks & $ in that time to be just as competitive. Plus he would have been familiar with the team & system. Just food for thought. Doesn’t help their GM never made the most of those high draft picks.

  4. Gabbert had virtually the same stats as Luck in that game. Despite missing the last 10 minutes or whatever, and having a couple horrible calls go against him. Problem in Jacksonville is not at quarterback.

  5. I would never have believed Mularkey could do worse job than the pathetically horrid one he did in Buffalo, but DAMN….feel sorry for the Jags fans.

    Their new owner better get rid of him at the end of the season and get a trained monkey or someone else who can do a better job.

  6. greatgabbert you are completely misguided. Stats are only a small part of it. Luck has the ability to move his team down the field and score. Gabbert has the ability to average 5 YPA and pick up a few yards here and there while rarely being a threat to score. When you got guys open downfield and are throwing 2 yard out routes to your RB on 3rd and long, the QB IS the problem.

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