Ravens’ Dannell Ellerbe calls $10,000 fine “B.S.”

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A hit on Browns running back Trent Richardson got Ravens linebacker Dannell Ellerbe fined by the NFL. And Ellerbe is not happy about that.

Ellerbe was fined $10,000 drilling Richardson when Richardson was running for a pass. According to the NFL, it was a hit to the head and neck area of a defenseless player. But Ellerbe didn’t see it that way.

“Yeah, they fined me,” Ellerbe told the Baltimore Sun. “I appealed it already. I jumped the pass and when he missed it, I hit him. They need to get rid of this fine. It’s B.S.”

The Ravens said before the game that Richardson is the hardest back to tackle in the NFL, and that they’d have to be physical with him. Apparently the NFL thought on that play, Ellerbe was too physical.

20 responses to “Ravens’ Dannell Ellerbe calls $10,000 fine “B.S.”

  1. Wait a minute! You’re telling me that a member of the Baltimore Ravens is crying because he got caught doing something wrong, and he thinks he’s being treated unfairly?……shocking.

  2. I especially like it when Ravens defenders dive into guys who’ve already been tackled and are on the ground! The how tuff guys play!

  3. Wow SteelersOwnYou! I was going to say, “Cue the typical Ratbirds insults”, yet you certainly beat me to it! I applaud your knowledge and edgy opinion with that insightful, unbiased Pittsburgh fan perspective of yours on this topic that totally concerns your team.

    Oh, and please tell me more about that vaunted yellow and black D that shut down both the Raiders and Titans.

  4. You have to be half crazy to even sign up to try to tackle guys like Richardson,,in this game if you gotta shot at taking him down without him destroying you,,,,do it !

  5. The NFL is out to take out the Ravens from competition this year. Ravens will be fined, flagged, and flacced with until they are a one and done playoff team. Get over it.

  6. Ray Lewis hopes they lose every game cause of the defense so he can say he is the baddest defense dude around and thats why they didn’t last because he wasn’t playing. lol

  7. @sports guy:

    Go ahead and worry/talk about “back then.” When “right now” repeatedly punches you between the eyes very, very shortly, you’ll finally understand the difference between “now” and “then.”

    The Ravens are about to be physically mauled by the Steelers, and deep down, you know it. You have 8 days to make peace with your football God.

  8. Ravens still in shock after getting Vick-timized this year, so they keep talking about what happened last year for a distraction.

    Come 11/18, Ravens go down hard, their season will be over.

  9. @ Every raven and their fans. The time creeps closer. The night of reckoning. You can run but you cant hide. You are trapped. As fear sets in, you realize your demise. The fear you feel is all to real. There is no escape. You know fighting it is futile. The men of steel are poised and ready to strike. You brace for it, but are unable to comprehend the impact. You choose to submit, but on that night there will be no submission. No way out. After..Highlights will be run. Well in your case lowlights. The so called experts will try and sort through the carnage left behind, but it will be inexplicable. You will be thunderstruck!!!

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