Happy homecoming for Fox; Broncos bash Panthers

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Former Panthers coach John Fox got his moment in the sun, and the Broncos improved to 6-3, shutting down the Panthers 36-14.

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning threw for 301 yards and a touchdown, but this one was mostly about the Panthers problems on offense and special teams, which didn’t give them a chance to win.

The Panthers actually played competitively on defense, forcing a pair of turnovers.

But they allowed huge plays in the other two phases, eliminating ay slim chance they had.

After a Charles Johnson sack-strip gave them the ball, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton threw an egregious pick-six on first down while being tripped, making it 24-7 in the third quarter. They also allowed a punt return for a touchdown.

Newton was 21-of-36 for 241 yards, with two touchdowns and two interceptions, and the Panthers ran for just 52 yards, hitting the wall in the first quarter. When they did make a play, it was undone quickly, such as a 62-yard run by Jonathan Stewart negated by a holding penalty.

The Panthers protection was awful. Left tackle Jordan Gross is the only lineman to play every snap in the spot he started the season on the line, and Gross struggled along with the rest of his odd lot of linemates.

The Broncos were only too happy to accept, but Von Miller played the kind of disruptive game that has the Broncos all too happy the Panthers took Newton first overall in 2011.

13 responses to “Happy homecoming for Fox; Broncos bash Panthers

  1. Miller was amazing today. Wow. Also, the Texans have to be wondering what’s up with their cutting guys who stink on their team and they go on to be contributors on others (Jones for Balt, now Holliday).

  2. I might have to change my handle if these guys continue to dominate on D. All the San Fran hacks said that Manning made the wrong choice because of the D and it is looking like Manning was spot on. Today, Vonn Miller was dancing like he was at a sack recital and Robert Ayers even made the box score. Houston made a big mistake on T Holliday and it just may come back to haunt them! GO BRONCOS and Keep it up Denver D!

  3. Panthers STINK! Tell me why I drive 2 hours 1 way, pay $30 for parking, $100 for a ticket and $15 for a sandwich and drink! Today was another garbage effort. Special teams are anything but. Many of you won’t agree, but we need a coach like Fox. He made the playoffs with Tim Tebow as a starting QB last year… who else could do that?

  4. Wow. At least it was a good day for me to start Greg Olsen and the Broncos D on my fantasy team. 88 points just from those 2.

    This is beyond embarrassing. Jordan Gross should have been put out to pasture 3 years ago, we haven’t had a legitimate NFL player at right tackle in many more years, and Cam is left out to dry. The only consolation is that we still have the rest of the AFC West on the schedule; should get 2 wins out of those.

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