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Football season is a blur for me personally, featuring seven full days per week of work, none of which is really work.  So it’s important every once in a while to press the pause button and say thanks to the folks who deserve to be thanked.

First and foremost, I want to thank you.  Every year, the traffic goes up, on every platform from web to tablet to mobile.  There’s surely a ceiling out there somewhere; hopefully, we’ll never hit it.

I also need to thank the guys who crank out the content.  We now have a posting window that goes from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. ET every weekday — barring fits of insomnia like the one I had last night after getting home from Stamford, Connecticut.

We’re getting high quality, timely, and insightful work from MDS, Darin Gantt, Josh Alper, Curtis Crabtree, and Evan Silva.  The operation really has gotten to the point where I could drop dead and it will continue indefinitely.  And those of you who want me to drop dead are now rooting even harder for it.

We’re also still cranking away beyond the written word.  PFT Live has been going strong every weekday for nearly two years, and Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network has quickly found an audience, the size of which continues to expand.  So thanks to producers Matt Casey and Michael Kane, cohost Erik Kuselias, and a great group of analysts and contributors including Rodney Harrison, Peter King, Hines Ward, Doug Flutie, Ross Tucker, Shaun King, Pete Najarian, Amani Toomer, and Bob Glauber.

The best is still yet to come — for the season and for this operation that started in 2001 with maybe three items per day and now routinely cranks out more than 50 or 60 different articles each and every day of the year.

We wouldn’t be here without you, and we hope you’ll be here for as long as we are.

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  1. Thank you Mike for providing an unbeatable NFL news outlet with several unique voices. It gives this lawyer hope of one day finding a way out to something enjoyable that still feeds the family. That said, I do miss 3GGG.

  2. This place rocks. It’s easily my most viewed site. I access it through mobile, tablet and desktop/laptop. However for me, I use mobile about 75% of the time, tablet 20% and desktop/laptop 5%. The NBC Talk app. is excellent… better than access via a browser. Keep up the great work folks (sent via my NEX7) 🙂

  3. I’m very happy for the success of PFT Mike, seriously.

    But for many long-time posters here, I think it needs to be said that half the fun of being here is posting comments, and reading other people’s comments, but the PFT censors are deleting far too many posts from many of us, as witnessed by the many “I can’t believe you deleted that!” posts.

    Me personally, I have seen completely innoccuous posts deleted, and I’m sure countless others have as well.

    Makes this site a lot less fun than it used to be.

    Look into that, please? Call off the dogs.

  4. We all know I want a job, but that has nothing to do with what I’m about to say:

    For being a lawyer-turned-hack-writer according to the masses, I have to say you’re my favorite writer after Matthew Berry(Sorry, but every article is like having a conversation with the guy even though you write way more articles and it’s understandable).

    I don’t read other websites any more. Period. Sure I could get other points of view etc, but I care about the facts and you guys have more facts about more players/topics than any other site I’ve come across.

    Keep up the good work… and be my reference next time there’s an opening lmao

  5. Great job by all the writers, but it all started with a grand vision in the imagination of one man…….Fantastic job!!

  6. The transition to NBC has been great except for two things: (1) Taco Bill needs to return, and (2) You need to hold some live chats again. And not that Sunday Night garbage, but the old school, ‘list your name as a token NFL player/coach and throw out the best jokes ever’ type of chat.

    Not to rag on Florio, but those were by far the funniest items on this site.

  7. This is a specific message to Mike Florio – which I’m pretty sure will be ignored and/or deleted from this board. I am one of the few people who have been visiting/supporting/enjoying your site since way before you went mainstream (I first visited your site in 2002). At that time, there was still a link where you could contact PFT by email – which went directly to Florio. Well, I sent Mike an email criticizing one of his particularly odious posts – and he replied with a lovely three-word profanity (specifically, “f – – – you, paisan” – as we are both of Italian heritage). Classy.

    I just wanted to tell you, Mike, that I am really impressed with what you have done with this site and your new career in the mainstream media. No joke – it’s an awesome accomplishment.

    But I sincerely hope that you don’t treat everyday joes like me with the same contempt and vitriol that you did way back when – because people like me made you the success that you are today. If the sickly-sweet “thank-you-everyone” post that you put on PFT tonight means anything at all, you will let my post here in the comments stand as well. (Right – like a heartless lawyer will let that happen).

    Tony Santillo

    PS – Hey Florio, grow half a nut and reply to me yourself. You were totally gutless when you flipped me off by email back in ’03.

  8. … i don’t want you to die Florio.

    @Tony Santillo: I sent florio an email way back in the day and he answered me and it was all nice.

  9. Hey — we’re all glad we could do our part to take you from a “taker” to a “maker” — from part of the 47% over to the other side — to being a “job creator” — and hopefully it’ll keep on going so when Bush tax cuts expire for those rich guys, you’ll be impacted big time!

    Waytogo on this one, Mike!

  10. Been following the site for a few years now and I am definitely addicted. I think you guys are all doing a great job.

    My only comment/complaint is why the power rankings have changed from previous years. You no longer include the team’s record or what rank they were the previous week. I don’t understand why the omission as it is nice information to have at hand when reading through.

  11. Let me get this straight Toneman1234. By your own addmission you chose a slightly more private, electronic method to “criticize” a man’s work and obviously expected some other kind of response. I guess your entitled to your own expectations but to be fair I’ll reserve judgement on Florio’s alleged “gutlessness” given the little detail offered in your critique from “03”. A couple of things come mind, one, not to denegrate Florio’s prose but, depending upon what your critique entailed, I would have been much more graphic with my suggestion of the next act of sex you could perform and secondly and not least of which is, LET IT GO Paisan.

  12. hey toneman-

    I never make anything but super awesome comments and I only get approved for like 38% of my comment submissions, and yes I count them all and keep track, some of us take the blog commenting biz like super serious 4 realz!!

    But in all seriousness if 100% of my comments were taken and all of my ideas were implemented, then PFT could easily add another 0 to their stat line. They do pretty well for missing all the big ideas. One day they will get around to figuring how how to maximize all the best suggestions that and I have to make the big money! 😉

  13. Great companies value and trust their employees to take the reins. Congratulations on your continued growth. Your vision and progress with PFT is an American Dream. We realize it was not (and still is not) without great sacrifice personally when there were other family obligations. Kudos to Mrs. Florio and Jr. for their support of you in your journey.

    Have been a loyal multiple times per day reader for about 6-7 years.

  14. Kudos to the powers-that-be for letting posts like mine and toneman1234 (awesome post, btw!) to stand.

    If I could add one more thing, Mike; find a way to bring back Joey “Pass the Potato’s” Brocato, please! Oh, Thanksgiving is going to be a special treat this year, with the Yets looking like a frayed old washcloth 😉

  15. I honestly don’t know if I could function without this site. NFL.com doesn’t provide as much up to the minute information. As much as you think people don’t like it, they really do. We just like giving you guys crap for no reason. Keep up the great work. Especially you and Evan. Evan is a good guy.

  16. It’s my home page and I thank you so much for the insight and the sheer enjoyment of reading PFT. Thanks for all of your hard work. Now, please bring back Taco Bill!!!

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