Battery of tests for Bradshaw included neck X-ray

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Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw has had a busy start to his bye week, going through a battery of medical tests to try to figure out the nature of his problems.

And according to Ohm Youngmisuk of, that included an X-ray of his neck.

Bradshaw himself said he underwent X-rays, but would only say they weren’t on his surgically repaired feet. He had an MRI on his neck earlier this season as well.

“He’ll probably have every test known to man here in the next couple of days,” Giants coach Tom Coughlin said Monday. “We have a big medical day with our players. Today and tomorrow, they will be visiting the hospital and getting MRIs and whatever.

“The whole goal right now would be to rest and have people healthy so that we can come back and be prepared to practice fully next week.”

Bradshaw’s been on a maintenance plan all year, practicing once a week with his variety of problems.

“We’ve been down this road with Bradshaw many, many times,” Coughlin said. “But until I am told any different or he tells me any different, we will just plan on him playing the same percentages going forward.”

The Giants bye week is coming at a good time for many, but getting Bradshaw back to anything resembling full strength will be something they need, considering the problems in their passing game.

5 responses to “Battery of tests for Bradshaw included neck X-ray

  1. I’ve had Brown on my Bench for weeks now too. Because I knew Bradshaw would break down. Like he always does every year.

    I expect Brown to be the lead runningback coming out the bye.

  2. Oh, man wrong Bradshaw. I was hoping it was that bald guy that announces football. I was hoping he would fall off the Earth so we don’t have to put up with what he thinks if funny. Guys an ass hole.

  3. jbl429 says: Nov 13, 2012 9:32 AM

    David Wilson deserves more carries anyway.

    Young Dave needs to learn how to handle all of his assignments — blitz pickup and general blocking responsibilities, namely — before he sniffs the field in more than gimmicky run packages that the entire stadium (and most importantly, THE OPPONENT) can see coming from a mile away. He’s doing on fine on kickoff returns for now. I don’t expect him to produce out of the backfield until next season anyway.

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