Quinn said he was cleared, coach says he wasn’t

Getty Images

Earlier this week, Chiefs quarterback Brady Quinn said he’d been cleared to play on Sunday, when the Chiefs host the Bengals.

Quinn’s boss disagrees.

Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel told reporters on Wednesday that former starter Matt Cassel will get yet another start in place of Quinn, per Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star.  But not because Cassel has earned it; Crennel said that Quinn hasn’t been cleared to play.

It’s unclear why Quinn thinks he was cleared if in fact he wasn’t.  It could be that the Chiefs simply want to give Cassel another game without affirmatively benching Quinn.

There’s also a chance that Quinn is in the doghouse for:  (1) not telling the team he had suffered a concussion last month against the Raiders; and (2) telling reporters that he played with a concussion, which triggered more bad P.R. for the team that currently is arguing with the Jags over which one is the worst team in the league, and which one is in fact Schmoopie.