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Ray Edwards clears waivers


On Monday night, the Atlanta Falcons abruptly cut defensive end Ray Edwards.  Per a league source, Edwards has now cleared waivers.

The window closed at 4:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday, with no teams making a claim for the man who spent five years with the Vikings and 25 games with the Falcons.

After the trade deadline, all players who are released must pass through waivers, regardless of their tenure in the NFL.

He’s now an unrestricted free agent, with the Falcons on the hook for the balance of his $3 million base salary.  If he chooses to collect the seven remaining game checks from the Falcons as his one-time entitlement to in-season termination pay, Edwards can keep whatever he may make from a new team.

But first he needs to find a new team.  With 3.5 sacks in the last two seasons, that’s hardly a given.

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24 Responses to “Ray Edwards clears waivers”
  1. phreakin says: Nov 14, 2012 6:22 PM

    J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS! Bank on it.

  2. rickastleydancemoves says: Nov 14, 2012 6:28 PM

    This will be Cliff Avril if he leaves the Lions.

  3. britishraven says: Nov 14, 2012 6:32 PM

    His agent deserves a Congressional Medal of Honour for getting him such a big contract on the back of one game 3 seasons ago

  4. richiesaurus310 says: Nov 14, 2012 6:40 PM


  5. coolzog says: Nov 14, 2012 6:45 PM

    He can always be Brian Robison’s backup. Edwards might be ok with making less money than him in that scenario.

  6. flvikesfan says: Nov 14, 2012 6:45 PM

    Looks like the Vikings called that one correctly by about 2 years. Seeing as how the Seahawks are primarily ex Vikings, that seems like a pretty likely destination.

  7. beckzhere says: Nov 14, 2012 6:49 PM

    If Jamaal Anderson found work after underproducing in Atlanta, this clown will too. Somewhere a desperate DC is excited by this news.

  8. watermelon1 says: Nov 14, 2012 6:55 PM

    The Ravens could really use some help with their pass rush. Especially with games coming up against both Manning brothers. Playing on that defense with those guys might do something to motivate him again. Terrell Suggs is certainly going to keep any attention away from Edwards.

  9. macneil4025 says: Nov 14, 2012 7:00 PM

    This dude is a clown!! Nobody in Minnesota Shed a Tear to see him Leave!! Hopefully Boxing will pay the bills!

  10. peytonsneck18 says: Nov 14, 2012 7:09 PM

    im shocked……………..SAID NOBODY!!!!!

  11. bobnelsonjr says: Nov 14, 2012 7:38 PM

    1 bad signing like this can ruin a front office reputation.

    It will take 20 good signings by the Falcons to make up for the really stupid big contract signing of this no talent viking loafer.

    The locker room cancer is removed from the Falcons.

    Hey kids, learn the lesson.
    Big production may allow some jive talk. Jive talk before producing never leads to production but a more rapid loss of a job.

  12. cereal blogger says: Nov 14, 2012 7:47 PM

    Maybe I’ll pick him up in Madden 13

  13. herpeburp says: Nov 14, 2012 8:00 PM

    Agreed Dunbar will bring him to the Jets. He was garbage in Minnesota and he will continue to be garbage. Out of the league by the end of 2013.

  14. nyyjetsknicks says: Nov 14, 2012 8:11 PM

    phreakin says:
    Nov 14, 2012 6:22 PM
    J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS! Bank on it.


    I’m a Jets fan and that’s the first thing that I thought. Sigh

  15. vikefan says: Nov 14, 2012 8:20 PM

    mcnabb…..part deaux

  16. purpleguy says: Nov 14, 2012 8:43 PM

    Seriously, I’ve heard from in-house Viking employees that Edwards was one of the rudest, most difficult players they’ve had to work with. Maybe you put up with that if the player is good, but not the combo of diva, loudmouth and averageness.

  17. houstontexans99 says: Nov 14, 2012 8:53 PM

    He should go back to that boxing league. Saw the highlights where he beat the hell outa some guy in his debut.

  18. themackstrong says: Nov 14, 2012 9:35 PM

    How many Seahawk players played for this Viking powerhouse your boasting? Sidney Rice??? He actually his healthy and producing. I’m sure Harvin would be happy to have someone like him help them gain more than 67 yards through the air.

  19. pappavike says: Nov 14, 2012 10:23 PM

    What’s up with Ray Edwards being called Garbage! Not cool!!

  20. kw93 says: Nov 15, 2012 1:25 AM

    Seahawks have one Heath Farwell. If your a fan… Get to know the guy. He makes most the tackles on your special teams. May even be a Captain. He was in Minnesota. I think most Minnesotans tie the fact that last year the Seahawks signed the 1WR, 2QB, and OC.

  21. vikesfansteve says: Nov 15, 2012 2:18 AM

    He could rotate in for Robison and Allen. That would keep the D line fresh. Help out the secondary and LB’s by putting more pressure on the QB.

  22. Obama's Ballsack says: Nov 15, 2012 6:48 AM

    The guy who he beat was 5-9, 210 pounds retired kickboxer. He is 6-5, 268 pounds. Yeah…

  23. falcfan613 says: Nov 15, 2012 7:53 AM

    Been a Falcons fan for 20 years, had high hopes for the Edwards Experiment , I started calling for a trade before the deadline , and to cut him one wk. before they did…. It’s good when Smitty and Thomas can see that a move they made wasn’t working out…. and cut bait. Atl. has more talent on their roster…. time to develop it.

  24. mrsamk says: Nov 15, 2012 11:14 AM

    We don’t want him back in Minnesota. He sucked when he was here and he sucked in Atl. We’re doing just fine without him. He can go with the seahawks, they seem to enjoy having Vikings castoffs.

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