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Cromartie says he’s not “cowardly,” Tebow’s a “good teammate”


Maybe at this point, we should just call the roll.

First, Jets linebacker Bart Scott said he wasn’t the unnamed teammate who said Tim Tebow was “terrible,” refuting a suggestion by former teammate LaDainian Tomlinson.

Now, the other suspect Tomlinson named, cornerback Antonio Cromartie, said it wasn’t him either.

I heard it, but I have no response for a retired player,” Cromartie said, via Rich Cimini of “Y’all know me. If I say something, I put my name on everything I say. I really don’t care if I hurt somebody’s feelings. That’s not me. For me to sit here and talk about a teammate, nah. If I’m going to talk about a teammate, I’m going to tell him in person.

“I’m not going to go to the media and say I’m an anonymous-type person. I’m not that kind of cowardly person.”

Cromartie called the anonymous Tebow bashing “stupidity.”

“The guy is a good teammate,” Cromartie said. “He’s done everything we’ve asked him to do. You can’t say too much about him because he’s a team player.

“You can’t sit here and say, ‘That guy’s been terrible.’ I don’t understand why you would say that. What you see from him in practice, he’s getting better. . . . You can’t sit here and bad mouth a teammate because, at the end of the day, that affects everyone in the locker room, especially that guy there.”

Since we can assume Tebow himself didn’t say it, we’ve now crossed three names off the list.

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16 Responses to “Cromartie says he’s not “cowardly,” Tebow’s a “good teammate””
  1. tbd3 says: Nov 15, 2012 6:25 PM

    Someone hire a PI to investigate this because we are all just dying of curiosity!

  2. enochmh2 says: Nov 15, 2012 6:27 PM

    Pretty sure if it was cromartie who said it he wouldn’t hide. Just a few days ago he told fans to kiss his butt regarding a qb change

  3. fuglyflorio says: Nov 15, 2012 6:27 PM

    The Jets are such a low rent operation.

  4. catquick says: Nov 15, 2012 6:28 PM

    He put his name on a bunch of kids he doesn’t mind hurting by not knowing their names

  5. forthrightmc says: Nov 15, 2012 6:33 PM

    Cromartie doesn’t seem afraid of controversy. During the lockout he was going against the grain and didn’t seem to care.

  6. 1509lucky says: Nov 15, 2012 6:35 PM

    I have never seen so much coverage afforded to a 3-6 team. Seriously??? Is this what it’s come to?

  7. ampats says: Nov 15, 2012 6:42 PM

    No wonder the Jets are 3-6, they spend most of their time talking to the media.

  8. cuda1234 says: Nov 15, 2012 6:56 PM

    So, no one’s questioning the “Tebow’s terrible” comment, just who said it. That’s pretty interesting.

  9. calvinhobbes5000 says: Nov 15, 2012 7:37 PM

    Cross four names off the list. I’m pretty sure Slauson didn’t make a bunch of statements with his name on them and then go, “but say that terrible part was from an annonymous source.”

  10. pftrumors says: Nov 15, 2012 7:41 PM

    Tonight on Letterman…
    Top 10 Jets players who insult Tebow on the sly.

    #10. Kyle Brady
    #9. Keyshawn Johnson
    #8. “Fireman” Ed Anzalone
    #7. Kellen Clemens
    #6. Wayne Hunter
    #5. Chris Baker
    #4. Herm Edwards
    #3. Santonio Holmes
    #2. Antonio Cromartie
    #1. Mark Sanchez

  11. coltzfan166 says: Nov 15, 2012 7:42 PM

    How funny would that be if Sanchez was the one that said it?

  12. kingpel says: Nov 15, 2012 7:53 PM

    Ladies and gentlemen, the New York Jets!

  13. captainloaded says: Nov 15, 2012 8:44 PM

    Santonio Holmes……Where are you right now?

  14. ialwayswantedtobeabanker says: Nov 15, 2012 9:08 PM

    A reporter could make up whatever he wanted to, if his purported “source” is presented in an untraceable fashion (e.g., saying it was a player from a 53 man roster who insisted on his anonymity).

    It’s a bit like blaming it on the dead guy. It’s not like the dead guy can counter it or refute it in any way.

    In this case, any reporter could draft up a new article that states, “Unnamed Jet says Sanchez’s breath reeks in the huddle” or, “Unnamed Jet insists Rex Ryan looks good in ‘skinny jeans’.”

    Not real keen on reporters who rely on unaccountable sources to torch down the town. Not cool.

  15. vontazemebro says: Nov 15, 2012 10:07 PM

    This never happened when Belichick was HC of the NYJ.

  16. breakingb says: Nov 16, 2012 3:33 AM

    I’m starting to read these Jets articles just for the comments.

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