Brandon Weeden confident he can be franchise QB


As with everyone in the Browns organization, rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden has seven weeks to prove himself, before the expected changes begin.

But Weeden, the “other rookie quarterback” in a class including Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Ryan Tannehill, is confident he’s the answer.

“Yeah, absolutely I do. Absolutely I do,” Weeden told the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. “If I didn’t I wouldn’t be here and they wouldn’t have taken me in the first round to be their quarterback. Obviously, I have to play well and I have to do things to prove that I’m that guy. But, yeah, I’m confident.

“If you come into this league and you’re passive and you’re not a competitive guy and you don’t want to take the bull by the horns, you probably don’t deserve to be the starting quarterback anyway. My attitude is, I’m going to get better these last seven games. Try to continue to work on things, continue to try to help my team win games and hopefully, everything kinda works out for itself.”

Weeden’s optimism aside, he can’t be certain of anything.

He’s shown moments of competence, but nothing about his game screams “this is the man you have to build around.”

He’s completed 55.1 percent of his passes, with nine touchdowns and 12 picks. He’s also part of a team that’s not 2-7 by accident, putting the future Browns in position for a high draft pick.

One that a new administration might choose to use on another franchise quarterback.

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  1. I’d pin the 2-7 on the coaching staff (mainly Shurmur) more than I would on Weeden. Also, Haden deserves some blame because of his stupidity that got him suspended for 4 games. When he was gone, the defense was terrible and lost us games.

  2. Well he better get to work, because if he isn’t winning games by next year, Browns fans will be calling for his retirement.

  3. I think taking a QB in the draft again would be a HUGE mistake for the Browns. We change our FO every 3 years, our QB every 2, and due a roster over haul every 2-4 years. There is no way to build a strong team without continuity, and without a 2nd rd pick, taking a QB again in the 1st would just set us back even further.

    Weeden has a good head on his shoulders and can really sling the football. He clearly needs work, but I don’t think he is too far behind where he needs to be (esp if he had a #1 to throw to…I believe we lead the league in drops once again). This roster actually has a ton of talent, and it would be a shame to completely blow it up again imo…

  4. “other rookie quarterback” in a class including Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Ryan Tannehill…”

    It’s amazing how sports media tends to overlook Russell Wilson, who might be having the best season of the rookie QBs. 15 td 8 ints. I always thought that the east coast bias was over hyped as an east coast guy, but it is becoming more apparent that there is in fact an east
    Coast bias

  5. He’ll be Jimmy Clausen-ed by the new administration. New coaches and GMs generally like to draft their own franchise quarterback, not inherit a 30-year-old “rookie” QB who hasn’t shown he’s the long-term answer.

  6. They should have fired Shurmur before the bye week. He is gonna ruin Weeden. We don’t need that idiot and his loser mentality around Weeden any more.

    And for the people laughing about him being 29; piss off. We haven’t had a QB here since we came back in 99. I don’t care if he only plays 6 or 7 years if he is good.

    How’s Gabbert, Vince Young, Jamarcus Russell, Leinart, Carr, Harrington etc working out. Good thing they had all that youth.

    Anybody who actually watches the games knows that Weeden is the best QB we’ve had on the field since we came back.

  7. Bottom line is that he is the 31st rated passer in the league on arguably the worst team in the league. The current coaching staff nor Weeden survive the debacle that is The Cleveland Browns…

  8. “He’s completed 55.1 percent of his passes”

    Same argument as last year with McCoy, if you give him back the drops his % climbs above, Brees, Wilson, Eli, Flacco, Cutler, Luck, Tannehill & a cast of others.

    Its a team sport, and if your guys drop 24+ passes at the halfway point, how can you use stats to make a judgement? He lost passing yards, at least 3 tds, several drops turned into those picks, and of course a minimum of 2 wins were “dropped”. This guy has the arm, he just needs the supporting cast and time to learn the pro game.

  9. To not mention Russell Wilson in this article is a slap in the face. Do you really think Tannehill is playing better than Wilson at this point? Was I the only one that watched last nights game?

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