Bad call fuels Browns comeback

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After trailing by 13 into the third quarter, the Cowboys made a game of it.

And the officials helped give the late lead to the Browns.

After a goal-line stand by the Cowboys kept the score at 17-13, three runs followed by a punt gave Josh Cribbs the ball on the right side of the 50.

And Cowboys tight end John Phillips pulled Cribbs down by the hair, which isn’t a penalty.  But the officials threw the flag, calling it a horse collar tackle, even though it wasn’t.

Fifteen yards closer and one play later, a 17-yard pass from Brandon Weeden to Benjamin Watson gave the Browns a 20-17 lead.

The Cowboys are driving.  Stay tuned.

7 responses to “Bad call fuels Browns comeback

  1. I’m not a fan of either team but that was a horse collar. Look closely and you can see his hand come out of the pads and grab the hair. So the tackle started as a horse collar and ended as a hair pull.

  2. It would be nice if one of your crack writers actually called out the officials. I normally do not call out the officials because things have a way of evening out during a game, but today was over the top. The calls and more importantly the non-calls directly impacted the outcome of the game.

  3. “It can all hair and still be considered a horse collar. Suh had a similar call on Marion barber two years ago.”

    Nope – Hair is not considered part of the uniform – it is part of the players body. Was probably a bad call back then as well but you can do whatever you want to a guys hair if it is sticking out of his helmet.

  4. It clearly started as a horse collar. That slowed cribs down enough to be pulled down by hair. This was the one call that was correct. Worst officiating I’ve seen. If the replacement refs called that game there would be an hour long espn special on it

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