Lions lead Packers at the half


After a somewhat sloppy 30 minutes of play at Ford Field, the Lions are fighting for their playoff lives and holding onto a 10-7 lead at halftime over the Packers.

Lions receiver Calvin Johnson, who entered the week leading the league in receiving yards, has three catches for 88 yards at halftime, and Lions running back Mikel Leshoure powered in for a 1-yard touchdown run. The Packers’ touchdown came on a 20-yard pass from Aaron Rodgers to Jermichael Finley.

The Packers had a chance to tie the score on the final play of the first half, but Green Bay kicker Mason Crosby missed twice: The first time his kick sailed wide right, but it turned out that Lions coach Jim Schartz had called timeout just before the snap in an attempt to ice Crosby. That gave Crosby another chance, but he missed again, wide left this time.

Neither quarterback has played great: Both Rodgers and Matthew Stafford have thrown interceptions, and Stafford also lost a fumble. The quarterback who plays better in the second half will likely be the one to win this NFC North battle.

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  1. Both teams look very ordinary. Can’t see how the Packers are ranked 5th in the power rankings. It’s amazing how one-dimensional they both are

  2. Isn’t it about time the Packers gave Ryan Longwell, longtime Packer/Vike a call. He’s a FA just sitting there on his couch. Sure, he’s not going to nail 55 yarders all day, but he’ll do MUCH better than missing 6 of last 11! Wow, Crosby’s TERRIBLE!

  3. It’s no wonder Dietrich-Smith was the one who got stomped…that guy is cheap-shotting someone on every single snap. I particularly enjoyed him laying prostrate on Avril’s head while the ball was loose on Rodger’s fumble

  4. Good thing The Bears are the only team in the NFL that has to win with style points. GB can look like dog crap, pull a win out of their ass and they’ll be ranked #2 Tuesday morning.

  5. Hopefully the black and whites start calling some penalties against the Lions, too. Some very blatant ones being missed.

    The Packers are playing poorly. If they lose, it isn’t because of poor officiating (although the officials are poor), it’s because Rodgers isn’t getting rid of the ball soon enough, and Mason Crosby needs to go.

  6. also, tucos, I seem to recall Steve Smith falling down and handing a win to the Bears.

    Was that style points, or pulling something out of their ass?

  7. Tacos,

    You have no points. You have a lot of jealousy for a better team, and a better fanbase.

    It’s natural.

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