Joe Haden says he’s playing against the Steelers

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The Browns missed cornerback Joe Haden against the Cowboys last week, but it sounds like he’ll be back for this week’s game against the Steelers.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Haden said Friday that he has recovered from his oblique injury and plans to play on Sunday. He’s practiced every day this week, which supports that notion and leads you to believe that he’d need to suffer a pretty significant setback to wind up on the sideline for the second straight week.

When Haden was out of the lineup serving a four-game suspension earlier this year, the Browns struggled to stop opposing teams from throwing ht ball. The same was true in Dallas last weekend as Dez Bryant tore up the rest of the Cleveland secondary in a 23-20 overtime win for the Cowboys.

Buster Skrine, one of the Haden replacements last week, also practiced Friday as he tries to make his way back from a concussion. If he and Haden are both able to play, Skrine will likely move into the slot this weekend. That should give the Browns a good shot at slowing down the Steelers’ Charlie Batch-led offense enough to have a shot at winning the game if their offense can find a way to move the ball.

8 responses to “Joe Haden says he’s playing against the Steelers

  1. And the Browns will come out on top, triggering Steelers fan to drop their typical ” it’s regular season, it doesn’t matter until playoffs when we will run the table” line.

  2. Wow, the Browns have fans who actually post messages. Thats so cute. You used the word playoffs in your post. Do you need me to define what the playoffs are for you? The playoffs are a 12 team tournament involving the good teams. They take place in January and February long after Cleveland’s season has ended.

  3. Clue the obsessed Ravens fans who anxiously await every story about the Steelers, and beat most Steeler fans in making a comment, even during a holiday.

  4. This is the only way the clowns have a shot at beating the Steelers at this point. We’re down to our third string quarterback and have a bunch of other starters on the sidelines.

    Do I believe the Steelers will find a way to overccome? Yes. Will I be incredibly suprised if the city of sorrow manages to win their once-a-decade game against the Black and Gold? Unfortunately, no.

    It’s on the defense to confuse the 29-year old rookie quarterback and create some short fields for the wounded offense. I think Charlie can manage the game, but I don’t think he can be expected to light up the scoreboard.

    I’m guessing 24-13, Steelers on top.


  5. Yep…the Brownies will be knocking the Steelers out of the playoffs…AGAIN.

    And Ben’s hurt a little early this year. It’s usually the Browns who get to take credit for that. Oh well…maybe the next game.

  6. Browns fans might be the biggest joke in the world. Knocking the Steelers out of the playoffs again? LOL you guys are like the annoying little brother, a couple times a year you have to be knocked around a little but we dont brag about it. Baltimore took your team and the rivalry. We no longer care about the Browns but you are obviously still obesessed with the Steelers. Sad really.

  7. Lol… Yea an annoying little brother with MORE championships than you. Stop whining steeler fans. You only get bragging rights when you top our championship numbers. (Cue the “they don’t count” classic whine. Yea just like split natl championships in college don’t count pre BCS). Sigh. Poor lil Pittsburgh. Even their beer is crap.

  8. Yeah, we are young, raw and seem to be rebuilding a lot lately but we dont lay down for any team and when we get this right and put some more pieces in place we are going to a very competive force in the afc north. I know there are always people who say its just the Browns but its always a tough game. This team is going to give the steelers their best and maybe it will be good enough or maybe it wont. I wont whine if they lose. I won’t find excuses either. Hoping for a good game, thats all. good luck

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